If you want to know me, read this.......
Name: Allen Jiujiu Qiushi Zhang @_@
Nickname(s): Jub Jub, Zji, Zj, Panda, Asian (x.x),zjiujiu
Age: 16 (^_^ Damn)
Where I am: New Zealand
Ethnicity: Chinese, Italian, Japanese with that little bit of Kiwiness
Height: 6 foot 3? (1.83m)
Eye Colour: Dark Brown (Hazel)
Hair Colour: Black
Favourite foods: Italian, Japanese and Good old BBQ
Music?: Heck yes. Hmmm.... Rock, Metal, Old rap, All the 60s to 80s stuff, Jazz, Reggay, Classical and Anything but Rap....
Current Favourite Bands?: System of a Down, The Cat Empire and The Door
Things I dont like: I dont like wasting time, usually I cut to the chase with everything... I hate school, I hate everyone equally? (Except for the people I said I like....and that's you *Points*) I dont like pointless stuff, I hate lying and I hate people who cant keep their promises. Anything else I'll add soon.
Favourite Qoute: I'm just that orange panda on that mango tree.


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Oh Oh thouse sexy lil voices in my head

Zjiujiu's Life Discription

This is some of the most Weridest Moments of my life........ I love writing crap about my life so read this and maybe you'll learn something about me too there'll be things that happened to me. and even photos ^^ hopefully you'll like the stuff i pu


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Les Etoilles

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Les Etoilles

stop spamming be-atch
Umbral Radiance

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Umbral Radiance


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so your the one who keeps on botting in the arenas? you damn bot.

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******** bot.
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[ Boogie] [ Oogie] [ Man]

it doesn't clash, all the colors match.. and an OMG? I'm sorry, b7ut I don't have millions of gold laying around.
The Sitruuna

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The Sitruuna

*agrees with onceinalifetime83* Before you go and tell someone they need an OMG, buy it first to youself :'D It's only about 3.5milj. gold, so go ahead, we are waiting...

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Filty BOT!
[The Antichrist]

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[The Antichrist]

Queen Fool

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Queen Fool

BOT! ******** OFF!


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