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Birthday: 02/19

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Me And My Life

My real name is Linden Kirscht.
I'm never really in a happy mood.
My favorite sport is Speed Skating ( NOT ON ICE ).
or you could call it roller blading and I'm as fast as an adult for my age that is real great.
My team name is T C Speed (Twin Cities Speed).
I also play Guitar, I'm very good at playing guitar
there is a girl i llike now


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Monty Casper Report | 02/13/2010 11:49 am
Monty Casper
hey wats up mother $?@*er lol =)
Jay the Sage 12 Report | 01/31/2010 8:45 am
Jay the Sage 12
u dont remember me im on ur friends list
Jay the Sage 12 Report | 01/30/2010 8:50 am
Jay the Sage 12
hey wassup dude get online
Monty Casper Report | 01/18/2010 7:28 am
Monty Casper
dude i changed my gaia name remember so put deadly love poison not ri947
ucheaisasuke Report | 09/28/2009 6:48 pm
thanks smile
Monty Casper Report | 05/21/2009 5:57 am
Monty Casper
linden bac of i already ignored u from my list! dont get me pissed! >=(
The Last Nerd Standing Report | 05/20/2009 12:16 pm
The Last Nerd Standing
Shuree! biggrin
Waii Nawt!
Hello I'm Lexaa.
*Smiles Widley*
Countess Crystal Ice Report | 05/11/2009 7:53 am
Countess Crystal Ice
I am good - just taking a small break from Gaia
TheComputerNerdZEROONE Report | 04/26/2009 3:04 pm
hey u remember me?
Countess Crystal Ice Report | 04/22/2009 8:25 am
Countess Crystal Ice
I'm here
Monty Casper

My Homie

Link Is The BEST

My Friend

MY LIFE... Some day U will be in a place where you are going to be beaten up by 6 or 7'd be in my shoes. every thing will be a nightmare in my life the only things I'm good at I might master that is one reason to keep my hopes up.I have a girlfriend, friends, and people who care about me like my family

MY parents used to fight a lot and my mom moved not to far but it is something that crushes me.when I move out I don't know what I'm going to do

MY FRIENDS...some friends hang out with the cool kids and they leave so choose friends that won't go with the cool kids.those are your great friends if that happens tell me. I'll help you

PINBALL SCORE 2,435,725.PRIZE.bullseye T-shirt and armadillo pinball.GOLD 322

LIFE If your life is pit of endless regrets and sadness find me and i'll help you because i know what it is like. Then i thought of helping people like you that need it more than i do, so find me and i'll help you.

if you need any more advice go to my friends profile(deadly love poison).

if people don't respect you for who you are...1.ignore them2.change3.Do what you want

If you have any problems comment on my profile because I can help you like if you don't know what to do in your problem tell me about it and I will give you an answer.

If you have girl problems I know what it is like. My girlfriend has been seeing my friend behind my back and I think it might be over, but I don't want it to be over, so if you have problems just talk to Him/her about it and if that dose not work just figure it out your own.

Have you ever been rejected that it just hurts so much well I have. But I have found out that it isn't the end of the world, you just have to move on... )= to ); to (: but now I know for a fact that... I'm not alone.

If you need to beat a game go on and look up Chuggaaconroy, Tenjinmoop, SonikDude101, or Super Skarmory to watch there L.P.'s (Lets Play).