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The Crush, The Secrect, and The Best Friend

a romance between James and Lily

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babybluekitten100 Report | 08/26/2010 10:07 am
havent been on here for heka long n i havent tlked to u in heka long either wenever u get bak on take a sec to chat bak bye heart biggrin
xXxLolliPopKidxXx Report | 08/07/2009 9:31 am
xXxLolliPopKidxXx Report | 08/05/2009 1:32 pm
i think you kind of already added the twist with the whole lily/sirius/sara/james thing but my next step would be a little jealousy. jealousy would show how much they auctally care for each other.
xXxLolliPopKidxXx Report | 08/05/2009 9:40 am
so you i saw you posted your journal yay so you got any new ideas for chapter 15.
xXxLolliPopKidxXx Report | 08/04/2009 9:58 pm
babybluekitten100 Report | 08/04/2009 4:25 pm
same here when i think about the good times we had together i star fellin really depressed then i look at the stuff that my dad gets from your parents the pics and vids you look so happpy i wish i was there to see the little ones and the pets plus my second parents miss you lots xOxOxoXOxoxOXOXOXo
babybluekitten100 Report | 08/02/2009 6:59 pm
not yet goin to i think next saturday hows life on the greener side
babybluekitten100 Report | 08/02/2009 10:24 am
lol thats actually a real good one but i know your parents wont fall for that they ae WAY to smart but mabe ask them to come to the funeral welll that might not work either did you tell them yet i told my dad right after chaaya told me he's considering to go to the funeral i asked chaaya where its going to be
babybluekitten100 Report | 08/01/2009 3:39 pm
lol i hear that again and same here with the trading the world for you and chaaya did you hear about ms.duke chaaya told me that she died thursday form a heart attack my dad said she was atleast his age when she died i always thought she was in her 50's or early 60's man that must be hard on her children the ones that used to help us in her class the last time i saw her was a couple of months ago and she was with the old teachers that worked there when we were students at the school its like a pattern two teachers already died from heart attacks i wonder if anybody else died do you remember that teacher that tried to teach me the flute chubby short blonde ugly and mean i wonder if she died sad haaa =o(
babybluekitten100 Report | 07/31/2009 4:27 pm
we start august 20th and i wont have to worry bout my clothes animore cuz my dad is lettin me wear wat i wamt to wear now so ill be stylin for now on how ur family u know its been like a year or 2 since iseen you it felt like 100 decades ago though man today i just lost my cell phone and wont get it back till school starts because i gave my friend my cell to hold it for me and she put it in her backpack and she left before givin it back my dad wouldnt go to her house to pick it up so she has it until then man im so mad cuz i was supposed to go to santa cruz tommorow and now i cant go cuz the person that invited me only knows my number not my dads so i guess ill be free on saturday *sigh* so hows life over there is it pretty is there fields all around i wish i can see in person it must be great livin out somewhere new instead bein stuck in this crazy town =o( well got to go talk to you later bye =o)


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