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Eienchi Report | 02/07/2009 11:45 pm
Awww the AB FAB video is gone!!
My Tea Bag Report | 03/08/2008 9:05 pm
My Tea Bag

My birthday is Wednesday.....give me gifts of love and adoration! (Because you know you want to.) User Image
deadly snowcone Report | 10/20/2007 1:58 pm
deadly snowcone
never thought i would live to see the day where a hippie loves a zombie!!!
Fried Tree Report | 09/08/2007 2:34 pm
Fried Tree
Holy s**t! You're amazing <3

Ab Fab is one of my faavorite British Comedies.

British Comedies are just great in general. User Image
QueenMaeve Report | 02/07/2007 4:09 pm
lol.. I actually watched an ep of Ab Fab yesterday. I was station surfing and recognized the blond lady. Then I was like, "OOH! That's the lady from Supa's profile!" mad D

It was weeeiirrrdd.. Some lady's daughter got pregnant by Satan and had the baby after eight weeks. Then a bunch of women were drinking martinis in the women's restroom, and there was a secret door and some witches around a cauldron... o______o;
candie the pirate thief Report | 01/17/2007 6:59 pm
candie the pirate thief
OMG AbFab is so awesome
AlphaHelix Report | 12/25/2006 11:37 am
I love your skirt. I've decided to wear one and flaunt my booty, too. whee
piggy-sama Report | 12/07/2006 2:54 pm
Your the birthday, your the birthday your the birthday boy or girl~
It's your birthday, it's your birthday, it's your birthday, boy or girl~
*machines break*
Ohes noes...
Happy Anniversery of your birthday!! Which is a compeletly super fabulous way to say it!! rofl
Childlike Empress Report | 12/07/2006 2:02 pm
Childlike Empress
YAY! Im almost caught up to you!
Well I guess if time continues to move the way it does I will never catch up to you...and I will always be following you. 0.o
That doesnt sound half bad considering your..Oh..what...a year older than me. HAHAHA! I dont mind staying 28 for another 3 years!
Rhazia Report | 12/07/2006 12:55 pm
Happy 3rd Anniversary of your 29th Birthday! whee
[ Grunny Chow ]

Zombies do it better!

Oh, Sweetie Dahling!
You have finally made it to my profile.
How Supa Fabulous of you!

Zombies do it better.

Back after a long break. So what did I miss while I was away?