My Name Is Sabrina.

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But in your case, you can call me Smeli. No, it's not like smelly. It's very different, and I happen to smell amazing..thank you very much. I enjoy Hello kitty everything. I'm not really the type to put up with other peoples crap. Overall, I am a well rounded person who knows what they want in life.

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Blushing Bride's Embroidered Bodice
Blushing Bride's Embroidered Skirt
#603913 Complex Jacket
Powdered Sugarplum Tiara

Don't be a liar, don't say everything's
working when everything's broken..
& you smile like a saint but you
curse like a sailor..& your eyes say
the jokes on me It's the hardest thing
in the universe to listen to the guy
you love talking about the girl you
want to be..