haah/. yeah . thats me (8.
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User Image
- Erika .
-yeaah , thats my name .
-I'm Filipino/Canadian
-I'm short
-Taken . <3
-I make a wish and blow out all of my candles on April 21.
-My middle name is marie.
-My best friend is casey (Augustlily83)
-I am on the volleyball team at my school .
-I love going shopping with my friends, im into fashion
-My Favourite stores are: Aritzia . TNA . American Apparel . ( theres WAY more . )
-I really want to go to California and Hawaii for a vacation
-My zodiac sign is a taurus , sometimes i can be stubborn . but don't worry i really am a nice person , if you don't make me mad ( ;
-I'm left - handed .
-I live in Canada so I dont really get to visit the U.S. or any other place very often, though i wish i could

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-Music .
-Shopping .
-Singing .
-Dancing .
-Gaia .
-My current friends and making new ones .
-facebook .
-ABNORMALLY nice people .
-My birthdaay .
-Vacations . ( even when i don't go on very many ! . )
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... birthdaay presents ? .

[[[12k.//.14Ok]] all help is appeciated. ;]
-Miss Toots (pink sparkle empire dress) ty! <33
-Devii-Chan (5k) ty! <33
-Tomi The Vampire Prince (maid's dress) ty! <3333
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Thank You Kiwi-Cha!!

>.< Cute art of me!
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Thank You Demynxis!!

Baby Art <33 n___n
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Thank You Bubblestrawberrytea!!

n______n <33
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Thank You Fionaboo.!!

click here to go to her auction !
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Thanks Jemi-Chan! <3

User Image lawl. <333333
BFFAEUTEOT . lmaoo .
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Finally I have a pic of me and my bestie <3
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Sunset's Journal

My life, my friends, and the things i care about the most. n________n



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You have such a cute avi(:
Alyssa is Kawaii

Report | 04/08/2010 2:25 pm

Alyssa is Kawaii

Happy Birthday. heart
Alyssa is Kawaii

Report | 11/22/2009 2:08 pm

Alyssa is Kawaii

o: It's perfectly fine, no worries.
Yeah, it is isn't it? I'm not liking school much either.
Alyssa is Kawaii

Report | 09/02/2009 3:42 pm

Alyssa is Kawaii

It's okay. Everything is going alright.
School is a drag though.
How are things going with you?
Alyssa is Kawaii

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Alyssa is Kawaii

Hey there!
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I dont know if you know already but the shutter shades are called Entourage Shades.
haunted haus

Report | 04/26/2009 1:40 pm

haunted haus

im feeling alright.
haunted haus

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haunted haus

hallo how are you?
Sugary Pancake

Report | 04/16/2009 5:43 pm

Sugary Pancake

aww thank you!

i like urs too!


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`I Want Artsies!

Questing avi art! PM me if you make art. ;]
QUESTING FOR SPRING NYMPH! and in need of an egyptian anklet.
all help is appreciated