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What Alice Character am I?

You are the Cheshire Cat. You like to confuse people as well as help them. You give clues, but like to watch their confused faces. You aren't much help but sure do push the plot along. Your sarcasm is quite intellegable. Only the insane equate pain with success.

1st, What Naruto boy am I?

neji another one of my friends on youtube called him already

What Naruto boy would I end up with?

Before the Party:
The night was beautiful and calm, a light breeze blew past your face, causing you to shiver involuntarily, suddenly, a male voice said softly behind you,
Are you cold, ___?
You whirled around and sighed, relieved, it was only Gaara. Two years ago, you had first met him at the Chunin Exam, and although he seemed frightening, you could tell something had to have happened to make him that way. And when you investigated his past, you immediately felt sorry for him. And at first, you became a friend of his out of pity, but after a while, you liked to be there for him, to be his friend!
G-gaara, you scared me!
He cocked his head to the side, Im sorry.
Thats fine. When did you come to Konoha?
Yesterday, sorry I didnt come to see you before this. I should have. But Im going to be here for a while so He came over and sat next to you, you swallowed and stared forward, aware that he was staring at you.
You shrugged, You should be resting, now that you can!
He shook his head, I still find it hard to sleep, anyway, I came here to ask you something.
You pulled your hair back from your face behind your ears, Oh?
He came slightly closer to you, his blue-green eyes scouring your face, Ino has invited some people to come to a party of hers.
You nodded, She does like her parites.
He smirked slightly, Yes, but she asked the guys of this party to ask a girl that they like to come.
You blinked, Oh, really? You had begun to blush and you turned away from him to hide it.
He nodded and turned your face around to look at him, Do you want to come with me?
You gulped, his eyes were mesmerizing, Y-yes, Ill go with you, Gaara.
He smiled a little and looked down, Ill meet you there then. At eight.
You nodded and stretched, he got up, See you in an hour. He whispered and then leaped off the roof onto the alley below.
A sudden sense of loneliness filled your heart, you missed him when he wasnt talking to you. You couldnt wait for 8:00 to come.

During the party 10 minutes in heaven:
You were chatting with Temari, who was a very good friend of yours. She told you how things were going in the Sand Village and you informed her about Konoha. Suddenly, Ino stood up in the middle of the crowd and announced, Its time to play 10 minutes in heaven!
The boys were slowly backing out of the room, and when they were all gone, Ino closed the door,
Ive already explained this to them. She continued, and as she began to go on,
all the girls groaned, Oh, come on now! Ino pleaded, Itll be fun! Youre going to be in the closet for 10 minutes wiiiththe guys who asked you out!
This received a much different reaction, all the girls began to talk at once, you slumped back in the couch, your heart pounding, 10 minutes in heaven, with Gaara? You wondered if he would do anything. Suddenly the door opened, breaking into your thoughts, Naruto poked his head in, Were ready!
You and the rest of the girls stood up and followed him out of the room, you all went into a different part of the house. It was dimly lit and the room had only a few items in it. A few pillows, a rug, a couchand a closet. You gulped, the boys were all sitting at one side of the room, while the rest of you girls were sitting against the other side. Ino came into the middle, holding a basket full of flowers with ribbons tied to their stems,
Alright everyone, I choose.____ to be first!
You stared up at her, Whats the point of the basket if we already know who were going with?
Because the boys picked a special flower to give to each of you, it tells you about their personalities! She grinned.
Oh. You mumbled softly, and took the flower with your name on it.
Gaara stood up and walked into the closet, you gulped and followed him inside. The door closed behind you.
I-Im glad you came ___-chan.
Oh, yeah me too.
He walked towards you, and you could feel yourself backing up, not with fear, but his presence just seemed to overpower you! It was a very small closet so you didnt have to go back far, he stood directly in front of you, and placed his right hand on the wall behind you, locking you in. You swallowed and he put his face just inches from yours,
Ive never done anything like this before. In fact, Ive never felt anything like this with anyone but you. And I dont think Im going to.
You stared up at him, W-what do you mean, feel?
He bent down and placed his mouth beside you ear, breathing down your neck, causing your heart to speed up,
When I first had this feeling, I didnt know what it was, I thought I was sick. But then when I asked Temari, she told me that all the symptoms pointed to love. I wont be in love with anyone else but you, ___.
You tilted your head and kissed him on the cheek, I love you too Gaara.
He kissed up your neck softly, slowly, gently, running his lips along the side of your jaw. You placed your arms around his neck and ran your fingers through his short red hair. Which was soft under your touch. Just as he kissed you on the lips, making your heart soar, the door opened,
Alright, come on out you two. Ino grinned.
Gaaras eyes never left yours for the rest of the party.
After the Party:
You and Gaara lay together, side by side on a rooftop, staring at the moon. He leaned over and took your right hand with his left, kissing it softly with his lips.
___, can you do me a favor?
It depends on what the favor is.
He ran his lips slowly along your wrist, Well, will you stay with me forever? And love me till the end?
Of course I will Gaara. You rolled over to lye on top of him, placing your head against his chest, kissing him on the lips every now and then.
You two were never apart. ^_^
You can tell I like Gaara, right? Hope you enjoyed, Kibas is going to be really good too ^_^ I cant decide between the two of them lol.

( __/ ) It's a bunny!
(=' . '=)


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