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Cynnergy Report | 01/09/2015 12:05 pm
SpiritOfLeTigress Report | 09/26/2011 1:12 pm
: P
The privilege Report | 06/16/2011 7:11 pm
The privilege
thank you for my buying my item hope you enjoy biggrin
Wheezey Report | 10/16/2010 10:05 pm
Ohh, thank you so much ;DD
This new gas mask item is pretty much the greatest ever and it's not ever hundreds of thousands of k!!
Discord and Doom Report | 06/24/2010 12:56 pm
Discord and Doom
cool avi
Koko the Unicorn Report | 04/23/2010 9:14 pm
Koko the Unicorn
Where are you? :c
I never see you post anymore.
Cynnergy Report | 01/18/2010 11:38 am
I loooove you >3<
Miss you too.
Hope your days are treating you well. <3
Luna Apollinarus Report | 01/05/2010 11:16 pm
Luna Apollinarus
I've been hiding in my room. Hahaha.

My holidays weren't really holidays; just regular days. : 3

And yours? O:

Luna Apollinarus Report | 01/05/2010 10:32 pm
Luna Apollinarus

As with many other people. DX

Ouch. d: Well, all you can do now is sigh

Luna Apollinarus Report | 01/05/2010 10:29 pm
Luna Apollinarus
Why is that?

Various images and song lyrics.

Flesh Eating
Zombie Loving
God Damn
Son of a Gun



SMH Stats:
Callsign: Reapus, (Sun)Dayve, Totenhead, Papa Toten
Revolutions: 24
Origin: Canada
Religious: Athiest/Agnostic/Jedi Master
Politikil: Ethical Nihilist/Socialist

"There exists an ethical imperative for humans to strive for progress and improvement of the human condition. If humanity enters into a post-Darwinian phase of existence in which humans are in control of evolution, random mutations will possibly be replaced with rationally morally and ethically guided change.

To this end, transhumanists engage in interdisciplinary approaches to understanding and evaluating possiblities for overcoming biological limitations. This includes the use of various fields and subfields of science, philosophy, economics and natural and sociological history."
- Cyanotic, Transhuman 2.0

"A trend that surfaced was a perceived stagnation of a once strong scene, now lulled into a sense of mediocrity and a world of presets, formulas, cheap fashion and a lack of creativity. Alternative culture seems to now be diluted into merely being a marketing ploy, aesthetic style and buyer demographic, but it's so much more than that. We're not an alternative version of the mainstream, we are an alternative to the "Mainstream". We need to encourage the already strong community aspect of the scene through creativity and active participation"
- Amelia "DestroyX" Tan of Angelspit.

Shows I`ve Seen:
- The Offspring w/ Bad Religion: 12.o2.99
- Motley Crue: o4.o1.o5
- Rob Zombie w/ Anthrax: o8.o1.o6
- Guns 'N' Roses w/ Helmet: 12.o6.o6
- Billy Talent w/ Rise Against, Anti-Flag & Moneen: o1.24.o7
- Heaven and Hell w/ Megadeth: o3.14.o7
- Ozzy Osbourne w/ Rob Zombie: 1o.22.o7
- Rob Zombie: 1o.23.o7
- GWAR w/ HORSE the Band & The End: 11.14.o7
- Van Halen w/ Damien Marley: 12.o7.o7
- Seether w/ Econoline Crush: o1.29.o8
- Queens of the Stone Age w/ Mugison: o5.o3.o8
- Megadeth w/ In Flames, Children of Bodom & High on Fire: o5.14.o8
- Mindless Self Indulgence w/ Fake Shark-Real Zombie: o6.o4.o8
- Nine Inch Nails w/ Crystal Castles: o7.29.o8
- GWAR w/ Kingdom of Sorrow & Toxic Holocaust: 11.o7.o8
- Metallica w/ Lamb of God & The Sword: 12.o4.o8
- Mindless Self Indulgence w/ Velvet Code: o3.27.o9
- Lamb of God w/ Children of Bodom, God Forbid & Municipal Waste: o4.11.o9
- The Offspring w/ Shiny Toy Guns & Street Dogs: o6.12.o9
- Eagles of Death Metal w/ Flash Lightnin': o7.24.o9
- Marilyn Manson w/ Die Mannequin: o9.1o.o9
- Children of Bodom w/ The Black Dahlia Murder & Skeletonwitch: 1o.o2.o9
- Mastodon w/ Dethklok & High on Fire: 1o.o6.o9
- Blue Man Group: 1o.1o.o9
- KISS: 11.12.o9
- ZZTop: 12.o1.o9
- GWAR w/ Job for a Cowboy & Red Chord: 12.o3.o9
- Arch Enemy w/ Exodus, Arsis & Mutiny Within: o2.o2.1o
- Korn w/ Five Finger Death Punch & 2 Cents: o3.31.10
- Rob Zombie w/ Alice Cooper: o4.29.10
- Primus w/ Split Lip Rayfield: o9.28.1o
- Dimmu Borgir w/ Enslaved, Dawn of Ashes & Blood Red Throne: 11.18.1o
- Joe Satriani: o1.o5.11
- Cradle of Filth w/ Nachtmystium, Turisas & Daniel Lioneye: o2.16.11
- Streetlight Manifesto: o2.22.11
- System of a Down w/ Gogol Bordello: o5.10.11
- Rammstein w/ Combichrist: o5.22.11
- Slayer & Rob Zombie w/ Exodus: o7.3o.11
- Queens of the Stone Age: o8.o2.11
- Godsmack: o8.31.11
- Arch Enemy w/ DevilDriver, Skeletonwitch & Chthonic: o9.19.11
- 3 Inches of Blood w/ Slick Idiot & Promonium Jesters: o9.24.11
- Hanzel und Gretyl w/ Left Spine Down: 1o.22.11
- Puscifer w/ Carina Round: o3.11.12
- Rammstein: o5.17.12
- Roger Waters (Pink Floyd): o5. 18. 12
- Marduk w/ 1349, Withered, Weapon & Reverend Kill: o6.12.12
- AWOLNATION: o7.o7.12
- 3 Inches of Blood w/ Wretched & Chron Goblin: o7.13.12
- Skeletonwitch w/ Barn Burner & Falcon: o7.27.12
- Slick Idiot: o7.28.12
- Pig Destroyer w/ Manilla Road, Midnight, Psychostick, Kataplexis & Archspire: o9.28.12
- Venom w/ Agalloch, Grand Magus, Nunslaughter & Black Witchery: o9.29.12
- Angelspit w/ Cyanotic & Myparasites: 1o.25.12
- Revocation w/ Life Once Lost, Kenmode & Subatomic Chaos: 1o.26.12
- GWAR w/ Cancer Bats & DevilDriver: 11.15.12
- Eluveitie w/ Wintersun & Varg: 12.o6.12
- Gojira w/ Devin Townsend Project & Atlas Moth: o1. 17. 13
- Marilyn Manson w/ Butcher Babies: o2.o8.13
- Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience: o2.11.13
- Enslaved w/ Pallbearer, Royal Thunder & Ancient Wisdom: o2.15.13
- Meshuggah w/ Intronaut: o2.27.13
- Dark Forest w/ Wilt, Gatekeeper, Vile Insignia & This is War: o4.o6.13
- Bison B.C. w/ Chieftain & Up In Smoke: o4.17.13
- Michale Graves w/ The Pindolls & End of Empire: o4.2o.13
- Ghost B.C. w/ Ides of Gemini: o4.3o.13
- Cannibal Corpse w/ Napalm Death & Immolation: o5.22.13
- Haujobb w/ Inertia, Klutae, Distorted Memory: o6.28.13
- Combichrist w/ XP8, iVardensphere, The Gothsicles, Hex Rx & Psykkle: o6.29.13
- Leather Strip w/ Assemblage 23, Legend, Aimon, Left Spine Down: o6.30.13
- Queens of the Stone Age w/ Deap Valley: o8. o8. 13
- Danzig w/ Scar the Martyr & Huntress: o8.24.13
- GWAR w/ Whitechapel, Iron Reagan & A Band of Orcs: 1o.o8.13
- Finntroll w/ Black Guard, Metsatoll & Trollband: 11.o7.13
- Korpiklaani w/ Turisas, Chthonic, Varg & Winterhymm: o5.12.14
- Decoded Feedback w/ W.A.S.T.E., Kevorkian Death Cycle & 3Teeth: o6.28.14
- Covenant w/ Author + Punisher, Cyanotic & Rabbit Junk: o6.29.14
- GWAR w/ Corrosion of Conformity & Decapitated: 1o.13.14
- July Talk: o7.10.15
- Velvet Acid Christ w/ iVardensphere, Iris, Everything Goes Cold & Animal Bodies: o7.24.15
- Perturbator w/ The Body, Statiqbloom & Glass Apple Bonzai: o7.25.15
- Primus & The Chocolate Factory: o9.11.15
- Slipknot w/ Suicidal Tendencies: 1o.16.15
- Puscifer w/ Luchafer: 11.3o.15
- Motley Crue w/ Alice Cooper: 12.13.15
- Baroness w/ Heiress: o5.26.16
- GWAR w/ Ghoul, He Is Legend, U.S. Bastards: 11.11.17


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