User ImageXing Cai was the daughter of Shu Tiger General Zhang Fei. According to Xiahou Ba's San Guo Zhi biography, her mother was a cousin (or niece) of Xiahou Ba, and therefore a niece (or grand-daughter) of Xiahou Yuan.1 Zhang Fei met Xing Cai's mother one day when she was out gathering wood — though she was only 13 or 14 years old, he abducted her and married her.

When Liu Bei died, his son Liu Chan2 was crowned Emperor of Shu; Zhuge Liang and the rest of the court suggested that he take Zhang Fei's daughter as his wife, as she was known to be prudent and virtuous. At age 17, in the year 223 A.D., she was married and became Empress of Shu.

Historically, there were two Empress Zhangs: Zhang Fei had two daughters, and Liu Chan married both of them. He married the elder first, and after she died in the summer of 237 A.D. he married her younger sister. The Empress Zhang mentioned in the novel is clearly the elder, and the younger is never mentioned. Xing Cai is based upon the elder Empress Zhang.

The name "Xing Cai" was made up by Koei for use in the games, since Zhang Fei's daughter's real name was never recorded. In the novel, she is called Lady Zhang or Empress Zhang.

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