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updated Sep/05/17

This is a list of people that... you guessed it "Rock My Socks"! this list is in not specific order... your all amazing! I love you all and I'm lucky to have each and every one of you in my life, I wouldn't still be on Gaia if it wasn't for all of you <3

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Dangerosa is a great fun loving person, that enjoys our talks. Our strange fun talks... just so strange and the only Gaian to write about me on her profile, shes a priceless treasure of a friend that truly rocks my socks. She also helped code this profile and that earns her a SumBumSeal Of Approval! I'm not nearly code savvy enough to pull this off!

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Pretty has some of the prettiest and strangest avatar designs I've seen, but beneath that strange avatar is just a strange and I cannot stress this enough strange woman. The two of us go back and I couldn't have spent my time better the years we've known one another, shes truly another Rocker that just so happens to rock my socks.

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Xavier recently returned from a forth world cross dimensional rip this spores, mold and fungus hobbyist is one of my brothers. Seeing as we came, we saw, we kicked it's a**! we bonded for life over Ghostbusters The Videogame and I am Ray to his Egon! He also earns his SumBumSeal Of Approval time and time again! Sending me a Mega Man Amiibo... throwing down his turrets as Axton in Borderlands 2, ******** it he get's two Seals Of Approval!

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Magna is a real piece of work at times, but has earned his place and his SumBumSeal Of Approval. He's a long standing friend despite not talking for a year, we did some patching up and things are good. This is my tech support, my best friend... my brother, his friendship in the years I didn't have much of an offline life. We even joined Gaia around the same time, but that was with our original accounts and we even ran a weapons petition together... good times!

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What can I say about Hoes... aside from her username, that the first time I saw her username I had such a great laugh. Made friends with this sock rocker for that very reason, ever since I've been good friends with her and yes her username still makes me laugh. We still chat now and then, but I really need to give that Hoes a little more attention... and yes I had to say it like that lol.

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Mo... is the most unusual with male and female avatars, I haven't figured out what gender this friend of mine is. All I know is Mo gets a kick out of confusing people, so I just call Mo a friend. Meeting over an item I was selling on the market, talking about anime... especially Gurren Lagann! We've been talking every day since and it's just been a blast, but this sock rocker has earn their place on this list. I still haven't figure it out either, but someday... someday I shall unmask him/her... I dunno!

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Jade is still my favorite streaker... actually shes my only streaker, but this wild woman if for no other reason deserves to be on this list. She is almost always naked... at least as long as I've known her, but she actually put clothes on her avatar for a little while, but it's good to see her streaking again.

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Nightmare is a loving compassionate and playful friend, her and Baskets made the Halloween 2k14 event one of the best events ever. Did I mention she roleplays... I mean that's just awesome sauce! it makes me proud to slap the SumBumSeal Of Approval on this little minx! She's always chatting with me and it's like McDonald's, cause I'm lovin it! I always look forward to hearing from her and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store, I mean hell she deserves another Seal of Approval as well!

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Chi-Chan the shy cheeky, jaw dropping nurse... what can I say, she makes the sickest feel healthy for lovin <3 However she does get embarrassed and turns cute as a button, it's super adorable! Did I mention she's just as cute now... well she is, we talk whenever she's not piled under paper work. I've never known such a hard working lady, she's one of a kind... and I'm gonna distract her as much as possible!

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Kayte is one bad a** mofo, she and I talk every so often! we roleplay from time to time as well. I treasure her dearly and enjoy the short talks we have, she's such a colorful sock rocker, no really she dyes her hair... it's bad a**! This flirty thing has earned the SumBumSeal Of Approval every time we talk! I was fortunate to meet her when I did... much love and understand resides in her <3

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Vipera always has these flashy looking avatars, I really like her style and she likes my moves! Total Starsky and Hutch reference there, but true never the less and I adore her greatly. I haven't herd from this flashy lady to much, she's still online from time to time... she is just a ninja! A flashy looking... sexy ninja that uses bobby flash as a ninja art! she's the ultimate ninja!

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Koda A.K.A. Jebus is a brother, one of my best friends and has returned to Gaia just recently, he's a fellow vault hunter and you know what that means. He's slapped with the SumBumSeal Of Approval! he is one of the big dogs... tiny, scrappy Mexican dog! You get the point... he's a blast to game with, just don't play Borderlands with him! He'll ram your car from behind, flip it and before you can get back in he's traveling!

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Hmmm what can I say about this little bird, this little sister of mine is a sock rocker... she is bad a**! Sure she drives me crazy some days, but that's what family is for! Watching Disney movies and spending time together! Fun fact she's been making my birthday cakes the last couple years, she's a talented cake decorator and her cupcakes are pretty amazing too.

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Captain Elli here is a rather rare oddity, she's a top notch sock rocker who I met on Rec! We added one another on Gaia and it's always a pleasure to chat with her, she's one of the best people I've become friends with on Rec as well. Which reminds me... I should chat her up a little more and let her know she's missed! well that and she's gotta know she has the SumBumSeal Of Approval!

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Alyx is another good friend I've had the pleasure of meeting on Rec, kind of a shame I didn't meet this sock rocker on Gaia first though... honestly she's pretty awesome sauce! Such an interesting friend, all she's done and seen on Gaia, blows my mind... not to mention my experiences out of the water! She's a different breed of Gaian, I'm very lucky to have her as a friend.

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Miko is a lot of fun... and another Rec friend of mine, we post a lot on Rec and it's a lot of funny pics! She is a great sock rocker and I'm always looking forward to chatting with her and having a good chuckle!

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Momma... let it go, let it go, the cold never bothered me anyway! Now all Frozen jokes aside she's one cool sock rocker, okay I had to get that one in. I do however talk to her on a daily basis and I'm lucky to have made friends with her, when we have the time of course! She's a busy Momma... it's only natural, but we find plenty to talk about and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Chori and I go back quite a few years ago, but now she's older and wiser! And now that she's back... she really rocks my sock's! a Sock Rocker before I created this list and that gives her the SumBumSeal Of Approval! I love and adore this very special girl, I really look forward to catching up with her and talking with her! She really was a Christmas surprise... the best thing I could have received this year x-mas 2015, or as I called it a Christmas Miracle! And she even said yes when I purposed, I couldn't be happier, or feel luckier as I slap her with another Seal of Approval! <3

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Neko is one of those friends that I became good friends with and took over her comment section, seems we are always commenting back for forth. Neko and I commented so much that it seemed only natural to add her, we've been waging a comment take over with one another ever since. This sock rocker is someone I met by chance, it all started over a comment... and I'm lucky to know her!

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