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Some Facts~

1. My name is Kayleigh Marie
2. I am Bisexual
3. I am Nineteen Years Old
4. My Birthday Is October 12th
5. I'm super short, standing only at 5'2
6. I have a love for mascara and eyeliner
7. My eyes are green, but sometimes they turn blue.
8. I'm fat. Dont lie to me about it. cause you know its true and i know its true.
9. My life is run by babies, as in, baby sitting all the time.
10. I go to school at an Alternative Highschool.
11. I'm one of the few students at that school who hasnt had a baby, or hasnt done any hard core drugs.
12. I've smoked pot many a time, but dont any more.
13. Cigarettes also, and I had a liking for alcohol, but stopped that also.
14. I can sometimes be a b***h.
15. I own a Ford Excort zx2
16. I have a puppy named Karma
17. I am a p***y. I'm afraid of alot of things.
18. Some of those things are the dark, heights, spiders and needles.
19. I have three piercings; my lip, and my ears.
20. I think tattoos and piercings are sexy.
21. I have a tattoo
22. I work part time at a gas station
23. I'm taken
24. I had a cat named Sapphire
25. I dont like cats.
26. I don't like kids.
27. I have very little faith in marriage, they never work out.
28. I am gunna get married eventually.
29. 26 is a lie. I actually kinda want to have a baby, I like babies. Its once they get older that I don't like them.
30. I've been told I would be a great mother
31. I don't believe it.
32. I wish I were a man. You guys have it SO easy.
33. No, I will never get altered sexually, I will stay a woman 'till I die.
34. I live in Washington, and no, not D.C
35. I hate Washington.
36. I love the rain and the snow.
37. My favorite season is Autumn.
38. Favorite Holiday Halloween.
39. I don't eat sea food.
40. I used to play basketball.
41. I have really messed up fingers because of basketball.
42. I don't like my father, but I don't really hate him.
43. I believe in giving everyone a second chance, and a third, and a fourth, unless I know they are a helpless cause.
44. Ive dated 3 girls and 4 guys in my life time.
45. My father is one of those helpless causes.
46. I want to get a puppy; Shiba Inu. It will be named Kendal after my freind Jessica, its her middle name.
47. I know sign language, and took spanish, german, and japanese.
48. I think i'm only going to fifty for this, though I have alot more to say..
49. I dont like Facial Hair on guys, it tickles when you kiss people with fluffy faces
50. I sleep very rarely.



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