Hello everybody! My name is Sean, im 16, Male, and I live in Maine USA... I hate Maine and love my homestate Massachusetts. I like poetry, art,languages, Martial Arts, and just about everything inbetween... my music tastes are crazy and eclectic... IM not on gaia all that much..mostly on Myspace... <http://www.myspace.com/anonymousguy127> and I go to Foxcroft Academy in Dover, ME ....wanna learn more about me? talk to me bistnatches!


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Sukoyo's thoughts,stuff he blabs on about and such

(( Im going to New York city with my spanish club tommorow,wont be writing for weekend so mleh!)) "I must flee To another demension to avoid bounty hunters and rival demons... bye now!" *teleports out*

I'll have poetry,entries telling about my life,and all that other junk...


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Molly the Emo Kitty

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Molly the Emo Kitty

*glomps* You're so awesome! 4laugh

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Wow. I could have stolen your comment virginty WAAAAY better than that.

Anywhoo, how's this for crazy? I'm 16, turning 17 on the 18th of this month! ^_^

Welcome to GSA!

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Hi hi hi hi hi. Am I annpying you? Hi hi hi.


"Did you really think that it would be this easy?" "You know,for a minute there, I did." "Silly rabbit..Trix..are..for...kids"