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I'm soon poor at the moment. T.T Care to donate, if you wish that is.... XD

Name: Suki Akaree
Age:Okok >.> You win :/ I'm really 13 :<

Hobbies: Drawing, Swiming, Fishing etc etc :O

Best Gaia friend:Enna XD (that's her name)

Home base: WELL home o.0

Likes:Trigers, Dragons, animals, winter, anime, blue, silver(the colour), fish, fiction books, swimming and science

Dislikes: We'd need alot more space and 5 hours :<

~/ Other Stuff XD /~


ell jsut a place where I post my art ... that I feel like posting razz enjoy!

URL: http://Izdream.deviantart.com/

~Updates On Deviantart~

like OMG I moved to a different user 0.o But still visit jane212901 for my stuff... I'm too lazy to reupload them

~av art~

I do av art in my spare time. Please note that i do have a life and art block so this is for the cheat BUT willing to wait people. Thank you biggrin Pricing is below :3

Pricing is coming soon XD


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Tree of Maxims

A tree of thoughts to live by through life. Each is a life to the whole tree~



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How ish you?

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X ch0c0l4t3 X

Report | 12/31/2008 6:05 pm

X ch0c0l4t3 X

thanks for the purchase!! happy new year!
Fancy Green Princess

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Fancy Green Princess

Rainbow Baby Dolls

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Rainbow Baby Dolls

thxs for buying from my store
Zin The Black Fox

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Zin The Black Fox

Its okay
Zin The Black Fox

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Zin The Black Fox

Yea, good idea
Zin The Black Fox

Report | 10/30/2008 2:50 pm

Zin The Black Fox

She signed off MSN
Zin The Black Fox

Report | 10/30/2008 2:47 pm

Zin The Black Fox

I tried talking to her the other day


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freestuff? o3o