Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments, gifts, and PMs. Ill try to respond to them as soon as possible.

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Donate your Fishbait! please?
My NEW Dream Avi
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Total Value: 508,427 Gold
After Exclusions: 507,869 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Striped Witchling Dress
Death Whisper (6th gen)
Wine Gothic Bat Boots
Amethyst And Milk Quartz Headband
Purple Stripes Torso Tattoo
Purple Stripes Left Arm Tattoo
Purple Whiskers Face Tattoo
Purple Heart Hairpin
Purple Stripes Bottom Tattoo
Purple Stripes Right Arm Tattoo
Death Whisper (12th gen)
Crystal Fluff Plushie
Cape of Oneiros
Jenny Doll
Mono the skunk plushie
Yemaya's Pearl 2nd Gen.
Purple Gaia Feet Stockings

My Dream Avi
User Image
Total Value: 768,545 Gold
After Exclusions: 630,905 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Spartan Cloak
Demonic Pendant

Donations are loved!

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Total Value: 55,121,630 Gold
After Exclusions: 55,000,000 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Portable Stereo Headphones

Donaters and Contest Wins:
Squad1 _Vc Drake_ - Tuga the Whale Plush
Purple Hair Spray - Eggnog
Eggmond - Eggnog
Purified Ace -
xBeautifuI Deathx
XXXSweetkittyXXX - Piggy Plush (won the random number)
-Elie- - 3 Jan 08 Thank you letters, Angelbow heart , Demonic Anklets heart heart (well i won them but its like a donation)
[ C h e r r i e` ] - 3k heart

Fish Bait Donaters:
green_my_fav - 11 Grade F Bait heart
DreamingAnime - 10 Grade F Bait heart
ancantsia - 30 Grade F Bait! XD heart
00Nobody - 13 Grade F Bait heart
purplelephant - 5 Grade F Bait heart
Queenblurblab - 60 Grade F Bait! XD heart
Dei Darko - 5 Grade F Bait heart
Stelmaria2 - 5 Grade F Bait, 680 Tokens biggrin heart
Loyal Hachiko - 3 Grade F Bait and tons of fish! biggrin heart
Trevor Sinclaire - 20 Grade F Bait!
Angel Tsuki - 2 Grade A, 3 Grade D, 2 Grade F Bait biggrin heart
Tanaka-sensei - 3 Grade F bait
ace aka arturo - 16 Grade F Bait heart
Jessabeth19 - 1 Grade A and 2 Grade D bait! biggrin heart
Beryn - 2 Grade A and 2 Grade F bait biggrin heart
xX_iKayla_Xx - 9 Grade F Bait heart
Zias- 1 Grade F Bait
Whispering Wars - 5 Grade F Bait heart
Okami_no_Kokoro - 9 Grade F bait and tons of fish! biggrin heart
Minimouette - 3 Grade D bait and 10 Grade F bait! biggrin heart
Neko_Kururu - 100 Grade F Bait! XD heart
Seyrian - 126 Grade F Bait! and some fish! biggrin heart
lil mizz lady - 5 Grade F Bait!
Zero000-159 - 2 Grade F bait, Fishing rod, and fish! heart
HowwyHoee - 13 Grade F, 1 Grade D Fish bait, 50 tokens XD heart