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Stalkers. o.o


This is me

Greetings to you, creeper of my page (if you're not creeping and
you're meerly commenting or doing something of the like, I am very,
very sorry for calling you a creeper).

I'm Serena. Just Serena. I'm not emo or scene or whatever the f uck you wanna call me. I don't give a F UCK WHAT YOU THINK. JS ; )
I like to draw and read and do all sorts of other things that have to do with sitting at home and barely moving. I am not happy most of the time, so I tend to put on a smiling face to fool everyone. I'm not a soup can, so please don't label me. I do not do drugs of any kind. I do not give two shits or a f uck what people think of me.

Even though I implied that I don't like to move, that doesn't mean
I'm obese (my body mass index is near the bottom of healthy, for your
information D:< wink .

Stalkers scare me. >.>
I love escaping from myself.
I love my boyfriend<333


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Gender: Female

Birthday: 07/10

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Serafia Viegald Report | 08/09/2012 8:33 pm
Serafia Viegald
nothing much... I need to go to some party this weekend... -sigh-
Serafia Viegald Report | 08/09/2012 9:01 am
Serafia Viegald
Serafia Viegald Report | 08/07/2012 3:26 pm
Serafia Viegald
: pie:
Serafia Viegald Report | 08/06/2012 1:26 pm
Serafia Viegald
lol XDDDD yum_pie
Serafia Viegald Report | 08/06/2012 12:10 am
Serafia Viegald
Serafia Viegald Report | 08/04/2012 9:40 pm
Serafia Viegald
another one XD
Serafia Viegald Report | 07/30/2012 8:33 pm
Serafia Viegald
lol XD
Serafia Viegald Report | 07/29/2012 12:22 pm
Serafia Viegald
your secret is safe with me lol
Serafia Viegald Report | 07/29/2012 12:53 am
Serafia Viegald
YESSSSSS biggrin
Serafia Viegald Report | 07/28/2012 1:21 am
Serafia Viegald
oh nice~ : D
ButIer Please
Reglare Excile
Serafia Viegald

I wish you were Hades.
Then I could pretend to be Persephone.

"The frozen days we set ablaze,
Sent me drifting away ~
Like a butterfly,
you floated by and now you're alone..."

"My heart might shatter
But as long as I'm with you,
It won't matter."

"Come little children, come with me
Safe and happy, you will be
Away from you're homes, now let us run
With Hypno, you'll have so much fun
Oh, little children, please don't cry
Hypno wouldn't hurt a fly
Be free, be free, be free, to play
Come down in my cave with me to stay
Oh little children, please don't squirm
Those ropes, I know, will hold you firm
Hypno tells you this is true
But sadly, Hypno lied to you
Oh little children, you musn't leave
Your families for you will grieve
Their minds will unravel at the seams
Allowing me to haunt their dreams
But surely, all of you must know
That it is time for you to go
Oh little children, you weren't clever
Now you shall stay with me forever."

"In the night,
blew a storm,
chasing shadows to the shore.
Lightning filled the sky,
thunder roared and cried.
Close your eyes,
come along,
dance until the night is gone.
Singing a song of storms.
It's a storm,
more than rain.
Now, it's a hurricane,
thunder rain and wind,
a song of storms begins.
Play a song,a melody.
Then everyone will see,
the hero of time has come."

Every step I take,
is another mistake.

She used to live,
She used to give.
She always enjoyed life,
The way it was meant.
But clouds they came,
And played their game.
Casting a spell so she'd fade away,
But will she stand up
To fight and save her life,
But what she wanted to be...
...An angel of the dark

Love humiliates you, hate cradles you

Just because we haven't hit the ground
doesn't mean we're not still falling.

Look at the keyboard, 'U' and 'I' are together.
Look underneath, it says 'J' 'K'.

You know I lie but you still trust me.
And you believed with so much hope,
but I'm the one that let you go

I'm going to
like nothing's wrong.
Talk like everything's
Act like it's just a
They're not

Out of my mind.
Back in five minutes.

Don't take life so seriously.
Nobody gets out alive anyways.

Pretty smiles and makeup
Hide so much these days.

Unless you lived my life,
Don't judge me because
You don't know; never have
And never will know
Every little detail
About me.

In which I'm
Are the best I've ever had.

"Sometimes I SMILE to hide the pain.
Sometimes I LAUGH to hide the sadness.
Sometimes I SHOUT to let the pain out.
But no matter what I do,

I just CAN'T hide my feelings for you."

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I want a long, cute relationship where everyone is like "DAMN, they're still together?"
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