The etymology of the username "omgtehsuiso" requires a delving into years upon years of awful literature.

Our story begins with a fictional quasi-prince of the fictional land Oserra by the name of Joseph Suisonada-Arkain. He was originally Joseph Arkain, but we'll get to that later.

Joseph was initially born to a peasant, of course, who eventually abandoned him and left him with a poor Oserran swordsman, by some Japanese name that eludes me. Then, he was simply Joseph Arkain, using his father's last name.

At age 10, because young children are the ultimate fighters, he was adopted by the king, who had no heirs. Heirs heirs heirs. They tacked on a "Suisonada-" to the beginning of his last name, and all was well, except the poor hated him. There, he and his adoptive father, Yukio, recovered two magical swords, with a third one, which was missing, that didn't hold much to the plotline besides a cool swordfight. These magic swords existed up until the final repetition of the original pre-apocalypse storyline.

Inevitably, a war broke out that lacked justification on any side, and Oserra went to join it. This was a war between planets, and, mind you, everyone used swords, but had the fuel to power space ships. Naivety, I tell you! There, he met a girl named Suena, who shortened his name to "Suiso." This could arguably be the end of our tale, but, Dear/Persistent/Other Adjective Reader, that would be no fun, and the spiral into the madness of one pimply teenaged writer has yet to spiral deep enough to sate his aged self.

His adoptive father eventually went insane and committed suicide (which, as fantasy plotlines tell us, was not actually suicide, and he was destined to return), and he went to the comfort of his very one-dimensional girlfriend, Sara, who, of course, was not royalty at all. I don't even think it's known how they met, but that's unimportant. She had a vagina for birthing heirs. The romance failed, of course, due to some lengthy wartime angst.

Eventually, the war ended, and a second book began. The suicide, of course, became the pivotal plotline as his father returned with an evil vengeance, thirsting for his adopted son's blood, not much unlike Darth Vader would do to Annie, if she were Skywalker.

His father, whose name was Yukio at the time (mysteriously Japanese), enlisted the help of a strange midget cult, the Inuo, to help him. They delivered him several hordes of monsters to kill Suisonada-Arkain and his party, which consisted of three people and Suena. All of them were dead by the end of the story. Eventually, the moon turned red like blood. That aside, adoptive father and adopted son were destined to end the world, which, ironically, did indeed end. Furthermore, religious commentary lead to the creation of two gods, one good, and one evil: Idou and Neiyu, respectively.

The second run-through lead to the creation of the Sent, who, much like the Inuo, allied themselves with King YUKIO!11, except without monsters, and instead with magic. Neiyu was their god, although the king vehemently denied his allegiance to the demon, whose power had spread into the minds of Suisonada and his followers.

In the next iteration of the story, the king was actually his biological father. With the evil wizard of the month, Moraedin, a member of the Sent and ultimate swordsman, thrown into the mix, the plotline dragged on a bit longer, and there was some confusion over whether Moraedin was good or evil. There was some symbolism thrown in, and a bit of religious taint, yet again.

His story fell silent for years, until one day, Suisonada-Arkain has dropped the "Suisonada-" and moved up to being something of a President in Kotinach, which couldn't really do much besides whine about democracy. His father, name changed to Edric, had sent him there via political marriage, which, oddly enough, was not entirely unhappy. Most of his followers loved him, while those of his home country, Oserra, agreed that he's a pompous windbag, which, looking back at his Sue-tastic history, is a fate well-deserved.

There is little reason why his creator still uses the "Suiso" moniker. However, he is known to proclaim "GET UP ON THE HYDRA'S BACK" at random times.


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i miss you the most, dear suisoshins

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Yeah that sucks. I'm not a sprinter or anything but I can relate. i hope everything works out for you.

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That's horrible dude. The worst injury I ever had was plantar faciitis. How long are you supposed to be out, and are you doing anything to stay in shape?

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Yeah same with me. I got a road race this Saturday so I'm psyched. But why can't you run? You injured?

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Hey do you like running? Or was that post in the thread just some sort of bump.


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