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Sometimes I feel Winter's too Cold


My name is SugarRos. I'm 22 and an art school drop-out. Why, you ask? Because I found my calling elsewhere... In writing! (And Karate).

Being a karate instructor allows me rarely any time on here anymore, which makes me sad, cause I always liked it here.

But I struggle to hop online and pop into the forums (writers forums and Guilds are what I stalk).


I own this:

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I am an reading and writing fanatic. I've been obsessed with writing since I can remember, actually. I write massive amounts of Fanfiction, as well as write my own original stuff (usually sci-fi/fantasy). I am what you would call a nerd. No, I don't wear glasses, nor am I overweight at all. I am not pimply, either. My hair is never greesy. I am a girly-girl. I am obsessed with buying heels and pink clothing. I just cut my hair and now it looks like Tanpopo's hair from Imadoki, so now I can wear hats and it looks cute. I am a girly-girl who is not afraid of getting dirty, but is afraid of bugs sometimes (I go through phases).

I am single. Why? I took a quiz and it said I'm too picky. So that could be it. It could also be that I date strange men. Like this one guy Naired his entire body. ...yeah, Naired. Like Nair wears short-shorts? That Nair.... We didn't last very long after I found that out.

I am 5'8 and did some fashion runway modeling in San Diego, and while it was nice, it was way too hectic for my tastes.

I love to dress in the gothic-lolita fashion, although I don't dress gothically outside of that. I love the Japanese culture in general. I can speak some Japanese. Gangaru style is cool also, although that one's not so much for me.

I love guys who are older than me (not TOO old). I love to dance. I love to drink. I love to dance and drink. I love 70's Disco music like Earth, Wind & Fire and Peaches and Cream. I love hip-hop that you can dance to (not rap, thanks), I love some pop. I adore rock. I love Japanese Rock, like Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Bleach. I love DAI and Namie Amuro, also. heart

Rumiko Takahashi and Kristin Nelson are Goddesses in their own right.

Someday I will become a famous Author. See you all then.

My Thoughts.

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Not Forever...

Most of what I write are posted in short burst. But the feelings are always there. Always me. Always true.

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Alkalune Report | 04/05/2012 4:14 am
I like your username!

And I'm totally a school drop-out too. I was going to school for creative writing.
Now I'm planning on being a yoga instructor. XD Haha.
Ellie LaFae Report | 05/18/2011 8:29 am
Ellie LaFae
hi Sugar Ros, thanks for accepting my request heart
Yeah, I love his movies so... TELL MEH where are you going tommorow? ninja
I came through your profile and I really like you as a person. I like to write too (unfortunately not in english) and I dream of being famous writer LOL... I also like to dance, oldies are the best (I wouldn't listen to 70' or 80' at home but this music is great for dancing). I did kung-fu for like 5 years!
U'r tall O.O it's weird that high heels look best on tall girls, isn't it..?
wan heart Report | 02/27/2011 11:52 am
wan heart
Ahhh, I was about 145 when I weighed this morning, but I'm so tall (6'0" wink that anything under 138 would give me an "underweight" BMI.

It really is about balance, though. And portion control. I get a lot of variety in my diet, and I just eat small portions. x.x Like I'll eat half a sandwich instead of a whole one. I usually eat until I'm "not hungry" instead of eating until I'm stuffed. XD
wan heart Report | 02/27/2011 11:21 am
wan heart
I would think that eating only veggies and meat 6 out 7 days of a week would make a person drop the weight, but the gain it back once she started eating carbs again. Although tuna and chicken are fairly lean (I think), so you might be okay.

Nah, I don't need to diet. If I lose much weight the Wii will start telling me I'm underweight, and I'll never hear the end of it. gonk
Miss Moka Report | 01/15/2011 10:29 am
Miss Moka
emo My mom says I hoard books. So she makes me get rid of my books after i've read them. =/ I can only keep like 20 of my favorites. If that. XD It's hard to only pick that many. I hope when I move out i'll be able to have big shelves full of books.
Miss Moka Report | 01/14/2011 4:31 pm
Miss Moka
I can tell. It's a pretty impressive collection. ;]
Miss Moka Report | 01/10/2011 12:48 pm
Miss Moka
I saw your bookshelf picture. O.O I am quite jealous. Haha
Miss_Smahtie Report | 12/20/2010 9:24 am
omg ive ALWAYS been a maga kinda girl what kinda of manga do yu read?
Miss_Smahtie Report | 12/20/2010 6:40 am
hmmmm i HATE the Twilight Saga but i love hush hush by ummm becca fitzpatrick but crescendo was VERY stupid (cant think right now its 6:39 in the morning ) ummmm i like the maximum ride books kinda and i cant think of the other book but what about yu?
The DBee Report | 08/31/2010 9:12 am
The DBee
haha the song is called darkwave surfer and it'd by aural vampire :D so ya now you can youtube it!


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