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My Bestie

One of the most important people in my life. She's been with me through thick and thin for many years. I love her more than she'll ever know

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About Me

Yo. Welcome to my page.
Happily single. Don't expect to change that.
I am a freelance multimedia artist.
I am a gamer girl. I beat most guys at their own games.
I enjoy loud music, candy, and late night crazy talks.
My hair changes like the seasons. One day pink, the next, blue, etc.
I am my own. I don't change for anyone.
I like rainbows, shopping, Batman, and cute things.
I am always looking for new, awesome friends.

Talk to me.. I don't bite.
Unless you're into that kind of thing.. wink

Ships I support:
Fringe: Olivia/Peter ● Walter/Astrid● Olivia/Charlie
True Blood: Bill/Sookie●Lafayette/Pam●Jessica/Bill●Jessica/Hoyt●Jesus/Jessica
The Walking Dead: Carol/Daryl●Dale/Andrea●Glenn/Maggie●Herschel/Lori
Supernatural: Castiel/Meg●Dean/Tessa●Tessa/Death●Sam/Anna●Gabriel/Meg
House MD: House/Cameron●Chase/Cuddy●Wilson/Thirteen
Harry Potter: Snape/Hermione●Luna/Ron●McGonagall/ Dumbledore●Tonks/Snape
Twilight: Jasper/Bella●Edward/Alice●Carlisle/Bella●Jacob/Rosalie●Edward/Bella
Comics: Batman/Catwoman●Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy●Flash/Wonder Woman●Raven/Circe●Lex Luthor/Catwoman●Phoenix/Charles●Storm/Nightcrawler●Mystique/Logan●Rogue/Logan●Magneto/Jean●Jubilee/Shadowcat
Charmed: Cole/Piper●Phoebe/Leo
Tin Man: Glitch/DG●Wyatt/Azkadellia
Buffy: Angel/Faith●Buffy/Spike●Spike/Willow●Tara/Xander
Law and Order SVU: Olivia/Elliot●Huang/Olivia●Huang/Elliot●Alex/Cragen●Dana/Elliot

●●Causes I support●●
●Born Free●
●American Humane Association●
●Joyful Heart●
●National Right To Life●
●American Diabetes Association●
●Project Indigo●
●It Gets Better●
●Save The Music●
●The Trevor Project●
●Artists Against Racism●
●Peace First●
●Project Cuddle

●God●Candy●Pixie Stix●Batman●My Little Pony●Walter Bishop●Fan Fiction●Spotify●Long chats on IM●Spring rain●Autumn●Photography●Photoshop●Asian boys●Old music●Zombies●Shooter games●Movie Theaters●Crane Games●Origami●Meditation●Onigiri●Chinese food●Pajamas●Jewelry that looks like food●Multicolored hair●Spiked hairstyles●Small dogs●Tattoos●Facial piercings●Corset piercings●My eyes●"that's what she said"●PvP●Catwoman●Harley Quinn●Rainbows●Shopping●Thunder storms●Vacations●Hot food●Snyder's Hot Buffalo Wing chips●Cute underwear (especially my batman undies!)●Surprises●Cake icing●Carnivals●Apples●Vinegar●Candles●Funny movies●Guilty pleasures●Doing my nails●Talking to my besties●My church family●Dancing by myself●Midgets●Gummy Bears●Toe Socks●Chocolate●Dinosaurs (Pterodactyls especially)●Graffiti art●Animals dressed as humans●Weird hats●Strawberry/Chocolate milk●Cheesy fries●Nightlights●



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Yettah Report | 03/24/2012 12:14 pm
I'll have to start looking then.
There's so much to do though sweatdrop
Yettah Report | 03/22/2012 5:20 pm
I'm such a newbie.
I don't even know how that wokrs!
Acanthea Grimscythe Report | 03/22/2012 4:13 pm
Acanthea Grimscythe
gaia_nitemareleft But Chase is so cute! And yeah, I know. I can't fix that, no matter what. T.T


Acanthea Grimscythe Report | 03/22/2012 3:55 pm
Acanthea Grimscythe
gaia_nitemareleft NO CAMERON BELONGS WITH CHASE. POOR CHASE. T.T gaia_nitemareright

Acanthea Grimscythe Report | 03/22/2012 3:21 pm
Acanthea Grimscythe
gaia_nitemareleft Btw, how can you not support House/Cuddy? D: gaia_nitemareright

Acanthea Grimscythe Report | 03/22/2012 3:20 pm
Acanthea Grimscythe
gaia_nitemareleft I WANNA SEE YOUR PEACOCK c**k c**k! gaia_nitemareright

Acanthea Grimscythe Report | 03/22/2012 10:43 am
Acanthea Grimscythe
gaia_nitemareleft I'm getting achievements. I haven't been hacked. :3 gaia_nitemareright

Yettah Report | 03/21/2012 4:22 pm
Your profile is so funky.
I wish I knew how to make mine so cool XD
Acanthea Grimscythe Report | 03/19/2012 8:54 am
Acanthea Grimscythe

Me too. <33
Acanthea Grimscythe Report | 03/18/2012 10:29 pm
Acanthea Grimscythe
Ily and I miss yo' face. heart


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