23 years of age. c:

PMs are /open./

Comments are LOVE.

By the way, LOVE is LOVE.
You can call me a liberal
hypocrite, but I'm actually
pretty understanding.

Role-play with me?

I'm in a desperate search for
roleplayers at the moment, so
I figured I might as well write out
what I'm looking for.

M//, (Yaoi implied.) Although
my rps don't always have romantic
plots, (In fact, I'm more partial to action
and adventure with /possible/ romance
that fits the plot), any pairings that result
from my rps tend to be of the
*Cough*gay*cough* variety. :3 You can assume
that it's acceptable for /any/ genre, aside from
fandom RPs where the characters being played
are already in specific and solid straight pairings.
Even then, I will do crack yaoi pairings where
they don't belong if you give me enough
inspiration. XD

::Genres:: Fantasy, scifi, assassins,
bounty hunters, Vampires, Mythical creatures,
Modern day, Modern fantasy, Historical fantasy,
Historical fiction (With some discrepancies, I'm
not a history buff), Pirates, Mechs, Steam Punk,
Super powers/unusual abilities/gifted, X-men,
Comic book related (If I'm familiar enough with
the characters), Anime or Manga, (If you have
something you're wanting to do that I'm less
familiar with, I'm willing to spend some time
catching up on it with Mangafox or youtube),
boarding school/All boy school, etc.

I'm willing to come up with plots for /any/ genre that I
have an interest in. If you see something that isn't on
the list, but have a plot you're itching for, I'll willingly
branch out for anything interesting. :3 Just show
me what you're looking for.

::LITERACY:: I'm a mirror rper. If you're highly literate,
I will appreciate it a great deal. If not, I am willing to just mirror
your post length. I'm into rping to have fun, so I tend to be less
of an a** when it comes to literacy.

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