Hey there! My names Sugar. Literally has been my nickname since I was 17 and its stuck since then. I'm now 30 though I'm constantly told I look like I'm anywhere from 17-20.
I don't see, or understand it and I don't care.
I'm a crazy weird goofball and I'm immature
I'm an artist,
I live in North Cali on the beach.
I love the ocean and anything relating to it or the water
I'm an incredibly open minded person
I'm strange, awkward, tall for a girl (6' 2), and I have a sailors/gamers mouth like you wouldn't believe
I love video games, I've been playing for a long time and its my favorite thing to do with my friends.

I'm single
Have a close group of friends that are like family
I love animals
Yes I have pets
I love gay people! Gay culture is super fun and flirty and my best friend in the world is Super Flaming and I love him to death!
I'm straight, I love the guys! Especially Asian guys >..>

If you want to know me then do it
Just talk to me
I'm mostly an open book and I'm accepting of almost everyone as long as they aren't liars or assholes.

Also I am NOT a Furry, I just love dressing up like a bunny and animals all the time cause its so very cute and fun!
That being said I have no problems with furries whatsoever and am even friends with several. Just clarifying ~.^


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Happy Birthday buddy

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Thank you so much for helping me out, your avi is ADORABLE by the way heart
Robo DeadPool80

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Robo DeadPool80

Happy Birthday

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Red's Galvanized Nobody would you be willing to sell for 100p?
Robo DeadPool80

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Robo DeadPool80

what games do you play?
Robo DeadPool80

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Robo DeadPool80

so what do you play your games on?
Robo DeadPool80

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Robo DeadPool80

well check again because i just sent you another pm
Robo DeadPool80

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Robo DeadPool80

oh ok because i sent you a message asking what games you like and you didnt reply
Robo DeadPool80

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Robo DeadPool80

im sorry if i upset you some how
Mister Moonshake

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Mister Moonshake

I see those eyes staring at me from the dark.


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Oh Hai
I'm Nice....
I think o.o
30 + Single + Female + I have Lupus(SLE) + I'm random, artistic, & a weirdo
I'm also NOT SMALL! I'm 6'2" thank you.