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Matrix Vampire Report | 03/23/2013 5:45 am
Matrix Vampire
hey aunt crystal. sorry i haven't get to talk to you. so, what's up aunt. oh, i have a gaia daughter name mad maxeroni
Bellezza Delicata Report | 12/29/2012 6:45 pm
Bellezza Delicata
Hey its Beauty Cosita, you use to talk to Darth Ninja and I. hit me up ur cell number
Matrix Vampire Report | 12/21/2012 5:54 pm
Matrix Vampire
hey aunt? what you doing today
Matrix Vampire Report | 11/30/2012 3:52 pm
Matrix Vampire
hey aunt kristle from on gaia
Matrix Raimundo Report | 07/11/2012 8:13 am
Matrix Raimundo
i have been hack by some a** hole on zomg a long time ago and they dress me naked on gaia from my vampire hell12 account and on here. but, i fix it for some help of zieLiz and i got money from my good friend rafori to change my name and my name is different now. i miss you aunt crystal
Matrix Vampire Report | 06/14/2012 10:09 pm
Matrix Vampire
sorry i was not here. some idiot in zOMG ask for my pass and just block me from getting my stuff back along time ago. but, now thanks to zieLiz she help me report the hacker and i got my account back and my stuff back. and i still have my other account. it system of a down fan 2496. and i don't want anyone hack me if they do they will pay. aunt.
Bellezza Delicata Report | 06/14/2012 8:11 pm
Bellezza Delicata
Hey ya Crystal biggrin
Lady Cassie de Frost Report | 06/07/2012 7:32 am
Lady Cassie de Frost
why did you and dad break up D:<
Lady Cassie de Frost Report | 06/06/2012 4:27 am
Lady Cassie de Frost
Ikr neutral I got kicked outta school :O
Lady Cassie de Frost Report | 06/04/2012 4:13 pm
Lady Cassie de Frost
Yea I got sick. Of people's bullshit
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