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Gender: Female

Birthday: 05/18


Hey. yum_puddi

Name's Aia Danica. You could call me Sue, though.
I'm a proud Filipino. ✌
Sired to Damon Salvatore, forever.
I was a KPOP fan before they've ruined my life.
I still like Onew and Sehun, unfortunately, though.
Ballads, acoustics, and music boxes awakens my inner stripper.
I fancy Taeyeon and Demi Lovato.
They're the strongest women I've ever known aside from my Mom and Mama Mary.
My passion would be singing.
I love playing dress up, decorating, makeovers, and surgery games on Y8.
I am God's masterpiece.
Vampire Diaries. ♥
Favorite colors would be Green, Pink, Gray, and White.
You could always talk to me. I love talking.

''Our memories are kept buried in my heart,
in case you'll regret forgetting those.''


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