Luc I can never find the right words to say about you.

I know how you are, I know you're afraid sometimes, when I get mad at you, but you're like a puppy.. I can't stay that way forever, even if you do something that irritates me out of my skin.

I feel like the worse person on Earth when you whimper.. I just have to hug you and squish and squeeze you until you explode with goo<3<

There are just some nights that I want to pull you against me and whisper everything amazing into your ear, I love making you smile.. giggle.. everything. You're an all around amazing guy that I trust with my life.. my everything. I truely believe I'll never find anyone else like you.<

I love how nervous and sweet you are with me..It's so cute, you act so shyly when I undress you.. when I move my hands dow-. ;] You get the idea.

I love being able to talk to you about anything, anytime, you're so sweet..You're everthing, and I know I keep saying that but holy s**t it's true, you make me go insane when I'm not near you. And you ******** understand all the s**t I've been through, it's just like you're not only my Lover but my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the person I know who's always gonna be there. I've never met anyone like you, simply because you're one of a kind.

You're amazing at everything, have I mentioned about this guy's drawing abilities? Holy s**t, he kicks my a** down the stairs and steals meh lunch money when it comes to RL drawing. Not to mention his odd, but tolerable taste in music, and the music he edits and puts together. (Vocaloid /dies. keke.<3) but nah, some of it's okay, but I'm not an anime type person is general. ANYWAY. x]

I know I'm ******** lucky to have this b***h, I mean guy <3. Luci, you're adorable in every way shape and form, and I love you, I love everything you do, and I'll follow you everywhere you go. No matter where, or how far. & All that corny shiz. May be shiz but it's true. I love you. Don't you ******** get it? I. L. O. V. E. Y. O. U. Squint b***h and read. You're my entire soul, heart, body and mind. You're all I ever need or want, and don't care what happens, as long as you're here.

You know we're two insane ********. We sometimes aren't compatible with dealing with eachother at all. We bite and rip at eachother's throats only to melt into eachother and cuddle for nine ******** hours.

And you know what? Yeah, I will bite your a** in half if you touch him, or hurt him, or even look at him pervertedly. He's mine, not yours, not the Presidents, not that hobo's. Mine. I don't care how good of friends you are with him. ******** off. :I I've been with him for 3 years, so don't start your own festering s**t about him never loving/caring/wanting to be with/wanting to stay with/wanting to ever talk to, me. Becaaaaaaaaaaause. I will tell you bluntly you are full of s**t and block you, kay? K.