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Hello there, thanks for stopping by here.Le me name is Asyraf and i am 17. From Malaysia. Those never heard of ze country, google it.
Not a talkative person, but i'll be a good guy xD. It'll be fun getting new friends. I would really want a bunch of awesome people from any part of the world to be friends of mine. Who knows maybe someday we could meet in real life .__.
Thats all for now, feel free to ask me stuff ~sayonara~

As for ze profile, all credits given to JunKudou ^^ and and Tiddy biggrin
Le Twitter : Stryder00

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platio Report | 02/27/2014 2:41 am
/pokes asy twisted
alex_kai23 Report | 12/05/2013 3:03 am
happy bday strydee XD
platio Report | 11/16/2013 11:37 pm
shuggar Report | 07/04/2013 8:13 am
Eli_AEsir Report | 05/10/2013 8:38 am
Thank you so much brooooo!!! I miss yew little child!!! D: You have to stop playing other games and back with us!!! SMOB WITH MEH!! SMEB!! ASDFGHJKL!! And yup I had a great day though. whee Thank you thank you. <3<3<3
TidusLovex Report | 05/01/2013 8:45 pm
I'm going to bug you xD.
I think I am in a rock music mode. xD
I came across this band even though I was.... watch a jpop teaser...?
And I am liking what I hear from them. :>
I thought I should share with you since we tend to like similar music or appreciate all diff genre xD
They're called "Sleeping with Sirens" I check other bands from the same label company but they didn't appeal to me as much as they did O 3 O;;
I think they are in the screamo... rock? LOL Iunno this band doesn't really do it. xD
Anyway here are some song that I hear and really loving it :>
Low & If you can't hang
edit: errr Just check out their other songs if you want. xD I been replaying these two songs for now xD
TidusLovex Report | 04/30/2013 6:11 pm
:O Okay then yeah I read your comment but never reply back... LOL D:
I like that song xD Epic collaboration :>
And yessss saw the interview also. xD Liked how they keep giving them snacks lmao.
Especially the green kitkats... wanted some afterward lmao.
Pretty nice they're getting recognize by famous American bands. Hope they really debut in America soon = v = b

And awww D: so you didn't get accepted into your first choice?
Poop O n O;;; When will you hear back from the other schools?
At least you're doing intern so you're not bored all the time. xD
:O Well as long you passed at the end. xD Congrats~
So you can drive by yourself now? 8D

:O do they? I haven't really checked out their new songs because I am currently addicted to that first song I shared. xD
I think I really really like the violin part in the beginning xD.
Sound so cool. emotion_awesome
The monkey are kinda cute... xD Maybe the eyes are creepy... but still cute...? lol
TidusLovex Report | 04/29/2013 7:46 am
D: My bad then lmao. I actually been lazy to reply also, so I think I forgot about your comments... ><;;;
Oh it's not too bad O 3 O It's all passing grades at least. xD
Did you got accepted to your first choice then?
And whoa you really have a long break then @o@.
Thought you started by now lmao. Then you're just busy with intern and driving lesson still?

Yeah it's a Jrock band. O 3 O They're more on the... ballad-ish rock though?
They're in the same label company as OoR, never really pay attention to them untill now. xD
And not sure if you like the soft-ish rock lmao.
Hmm...all their songs are in kanji so I'll just link it? xD
1. 2. 3.
So far from the songs I heard from them, I like these three the most? xD
TidusLovex Report | 04/29/2013 12:37 am
O 3 O Stryde how you been~~ xD
Been awhile since we talked. :'D
Did you got your test results? Did uni started for you?
Oh and also have you heard of the band flumpool? @o@
Kinda start listening to their songs lately and it's pretty nice. xD
Ritchue Report | 04/28/2013 6:50 am
aww its okay stryde,
thank you for the bday wishes!


Whats up ? Thats me ! xD