Blue Train...... I want an Asian Kung-Fu Generation CD... BUT NOOOOOO! God forbid the few places left to buy CDs carry foreign ones! >:O


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I love soccer, track,cross country(yes track and cross country are DIFFERENT), and photography a million times over! I also <3 band,(GO TRUMPETS!). That's right, I am a band geek. GO BAND!!!!!!!!!! I was also ESTATIC about Italy winning the World cup! (Being and italian and a soccer fan, well, figure it out.) As for my username, doctors think I have a heart problem, or thought, I JUST GOT CLEARED TODAY TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (1/30/07) It's not defective, i started to get back in shape the day of after everyone got out of school! Watch out xc, watch out trackies, watch out butch girls (i throw disc and shotput in the spring mrgreen ) oh, and 11 is my favorite #, tis lucky!

SUPERMAN PARODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cristina, this is for you hahahahaha)


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Reinbow Butterflies Report | 07/08/2008 7:11 pm
Reinbow Butterflies
Wow. Soo..I dunno if you will remember me, but we were talking through comments awhile ago (months?) when I decided to completely fail at Gaia and not write back. Haha. Sorry, I just haven't been getting on much anymore.

So you're learning the mellophone, huh? I still haven't learned my saxophone. I have graduated though! No more high school for meee! =D I joined the colleges concert band, so I will be keeping up with my instrument. Yeah, not having the melody sucks. I played 3rd clarinet in the wind ensemble, and I had one song, a Spanish bullfighting song called Amparita Roca (You might have heard it, it's pretty famous) where all I have were...eighth notes. Of the same note. Over..and over..and over again. Twice I got lucky and got a triplet! Holy crap, right? Haha. So I feel your pain. Good luck with the mello, though! =)

So, again, sorry for writing back sooo late! I hope you remember me, at least vaguely, and we can resume our conversation. It's been fun talking to you, even though I kinda..erm...stopped. X.x;
[[ MiSSxCRiSS ]] Report | 03/23/2008 2:53 pm
[[ MiSSxCRiSS ]]
you haven't been on and you haven't looked at my fma-ed profile yet which is disappointing
[[ MiSSxCRiSS ]] Report | 03/07/2008 3:46 pm
[[ MiSSxCRiSS ]]
Wowsers I have not been on Gaia in the longest I am sending you a comment to get gold =).
star_dweller Report | 02/19/2008 4:21 pm
lol It's ok! It's good to hear from you again though! <3

I've been pretty good! How about yourself?
star_dweller Report | 01/22/2008 8:51 pm
hhheeeyyy!!!! Remember me? I haven't talked to you in ages! :]
heartless_vickie Report | 11/03/2007 6:34 pm
hey hey nice profile
[[ MiSSxCRiSS ]] Report | 08/30/2007 1:50 pm
[[ MiSSxCRiSS ]]
You have to see the video that I put on my page. It's haha-hilarious =).
Reinbow Butterflies Report | 08/17/2007 4:30 pm
Reinbow Butterflies
I hope I do too! Lol. It's the same with my band. They can get pretty obnoxious, but we love them anyway. Lol. Now there are some trumpet players I don't love at all, but the one I really disliked graduated. Lol. I love their section leader though, he's awesome. Why am I rambling about this? Lol.

Oh I know, I feel bad for her too. And she wanted to get into Wind Ensemble with it. ... ... ...Good luck. Lol. She has, like, two years to do it though, being a sophomore. I'm a senior, so if I want to play sax in any of the bands I have to learn it quick. It doesn't look like it's going to happen, but I am okay with though. Lol.

Gasp! You should practice! Lol. I haven't practiced the sax in forever. I should. I have been focusing on my clarinet more. It's that time of the year again! Lol. Time to learn the music and pass it off, so I can march in the show. I have passed off 3 of the 5, and band camp just ended today. I'm doin' pretty good! Lol. I am rambling again...Lol.
Sergeant Delicious Report | 08/17/2007 3:56 pm
Sergeant Delicious
woot, your sig is awesome, and so true, so i'll put it in my sig!
The one that never was Report | 08/12/2007 1:29 am
The one that never was
thx for the comment i like your profile to ^_^


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[[ MiSSxCRiSS ]]
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