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Die Fishy Die Report | 11/14/2017 11:23 am
Die Fishy Die
Hey. Sorry. I haven't been on in forever myself. So we both technically poofed. How've you been?
OswaldoP Report | 09/25/2017 12:04 am
Oz says Hi, he sees your drawings on Insta all the time.
Die Fishy Die Report | 01/05/2017 4:25 am
Die Fishy Die
Happy New Year!!
I'm so sorry I haven't been on in several months. Goodness. I've just been focusing on working, drawing and exercising. So so sorry.
How've you been? How's your New Year been?
Die Fishy Die Report | 11/19/2016 3:34 am
Die Fishy Die
Somehow during all my classes through school I have inspiration hit more then than when I'm at home or some place where I don't have to be doing anything else. Haha. WHOOPS.
Do you have many OC's or anything? Or story ideas that you've maybe made while drawing and whatnot?

Yeah both dolls I talked about, the pretty pink one and the rabbit have porcelain parts to them. The doll it's only her head, hands, and lower parts of her legs. Otherwise the rest is just stuffed or whatever and sewn. I may have a picture of my room somewhere with her in it though. She's rather large too. About a foot maybe? Or just about. What's your largest doll you have?
That sounds really cool of a doll though. Sawdust and wood? I'm not sure if I've ever seen something like that.

WELL I'M SORRY OUR COSTUME GAME HERE ISN'T UP TO YOUR STANDARDS. ;A; Lol. It's been a while since I've even dressed up for the holiday. Not since my aunt used to host Halloween parties. Now she doesn't anymore since it was rather costly. Now she just has a cookie and cocktail party around December where people bring cookies or sweets to the party so it's like one huge sugar rush. For a person who loves cookies more than pie or cake, it's perfect for me.

So what are you doing for Thanksgiving? Anything?
Die Fishy Die Report | 11/12/2016 12:10 am
Die Fishy Die
It's funny because I actually fill my sketchbook up more when I'm in school because I'm always doodling in my classes. Which is probably really bad. I even doodle on notes I take. So I usually have a small sketchbook out next to my notebook I take notes in. I never finish sketchbooks. Probably in my entire life I've only ever filled two. I have the problem of starting new ones because I just love the feel and look of a brand new sketchbook. That's my weakness. Some women love shoes. I love sketchbooks and journals and notebooks, etc. I want to see what a page from one of your sketchbooks looks like.
Oh I dislike teachers like that. Who just assume everyone understands everything they're practically thinking but never said out loud. It's like they expect us all to be mind readers.

Haha. I'm just super picky with beverages and probably food too. Not as much as I was as a kid but still, pretty picky. I'm open to trying new things now, unless it smells in such a way that puts me off. Then I literally can not get past the smell. Once you take that first bite and the smell assaults your nostrils it tends to make me want to gag. Have you had that? What foods don't you like?

That sounds adorable. Is your dorm room all decorated and whatnot? Do you have a roommate or are you by yourself in your room? I have one doll. She was given to me a long time ago when I was in elementary school by I think my grandparents on my dad's side. She's like one of those southern belle looking dolls. Long poofy pretty pink dress and the dark brown curled hair and whatnot. She's still in fabulous condition today. Another doll kind of I have is a rabbit. Her body is kind of stuffed animal-ish in a way where it's soft but the head is porcelain. She's been my favorite and I don't even know when or where I got it. But it's by far one of my favorite things since my childhood. Do you have any favorites of yours?
Sorry to hear about the party not being much. At least you had a good time with your group of friends. Sometimes that's all you need.
I dressed as a store employee. Haha. I was working from 4pm to 10:30pm Halloween night so I had to wear our red and black uniforms. No dressing up for me. The best outfit....hmmm...there weren't any that really caught my attention that much to where I thought, "WOW, that's amazing." Most of them were stuff I've seen before. Though one of the guys from the seafood department had his family come in and bring his grandson who dressed as the most adorable Mickey mouse. He looked very snuggly and it was cute. I'd say one outfit I rather liked which was because the woman sporting it was gorgeous was a sugar skull costume. But it was very toned down. She had her face made up in the skull design but her outfit looked more normal with a bit of well placed accessories or accents to go with the sugar skull theme. I thought it was pretty nice. Plus she was tall, wearing heels and looked quite lovely.
The lollipops we have left over from Halloween I've been taking in baggies with me to work to snack on during my detailing job. I offer them to the boys all the time. Haha.
Die Fishy Die Report | 11/03/2016 9:12 am
Die Fishy Die
Haha. My second art class we actually had to turn in our sketchbooks at the end of the class I think or towards the end. She wanted to see our planning process and our doodles and whatnot. I feel bad that my sketchbook didn't have much in it because I always jump from sketchbook to sketchbook. I'm surprised I passed that class because I didn't end up turning in several drawings. Though she did let me turn them in really late when she made each of us hang all out drawings for the semester up on a cork board wall and present it to the class as well as her.
What does your writing teacher do that you don't agree with? Or how do they teach?

Yeah really. Sometimes he isn't so likeable and I don't think he likes me at times when I'm going slow but somehow it works I guess.
I'm not even sure how he can have a day of college classes and then come in and work at night during the middle of the week. He constantly tells me he runs off caffeine though. I run off literally nothing but food. I hate caffeine or carbonated stuff. It sucks.

How was the doll museum and the party? What did you dress up as?
I worked on Halloween evening. Spent the night detailing the grocery part of the store so it looked nice. Got to see some nice costumes though. I was disappointed to hear from my dad that we only got 11 trick or treaters this year. The past two years it was upwards to 80.
Die Fishy Die Report | 10/31/2016 4:44 am
Die Fishy Die
Do you know what the final project is going to be all about yet or have you not found out yet? Do you have any art classes where you have to keep a sketchbook and turn that in a the end of the semester or something?
All the classes sound really cool. Which has been your favorite so far and which has been your least favorite?

Oh yeah. I'm trying to not crush bad on my coworkers but it's not working. I enjoy their personalities since they're almost as weird as me.

Btw, what are you doing for Halloween today?
Die Fishy Die Report | 10/29/2016 9:07 am
Die Fishy Die
What are your projects like that you have to do? Like big projects I mean. Or what do you have to do for a final? WHAT KIND OF CLASSES DO YOU TAKE!? Lol. xD
I can imagine that being a problem. I always dislikes trying to figure stuff out in school that would force me to ask someone since I'm so shy and meek. I'm getting better with it in my recent years, even with my job. I still mentally scream for at least two minutes before I finally work up the courage to ask someone something. I just tell myself it's got to be done because I'm not risking injury or whosawhatsits. Know what I mean? It's funny because our lead guy at night is actually younger than me. Well actually both the guys are younger than me since they're both in their early 20s while I'm now in my mid 20s. It's weird. The guy who just quit was a year older than me, so now I'm the oldest and it's weiiirrrrrddd~ But I don't mind because my coworkers are cute. emotion_dowant
Haha. Another funny thing with work is.... I'm the only female and I'm also the SHORTEST at 5'7"! THESE BOYS ARE GIANTS. All of them are/were over six foot. Ever since I joined. There's only been one guy who worked there maybe a couple weeks when I first joined that was shorter than me. Otherwise all the other guys who do or have ever worked night shift with me have been at least over 6 foot. Though our lead guy is still the tallest. And he's gorgeous. :X Pardon me while I fan girl. Lmao.

Yeah, my sleep schedule is literally very chaotic and rather shitty but I don't mind it. It's worth it. I gets paid for it and I can literally sleep whenever I want and my parents don't really yell at me. So it's fabulous.
I've also lost 13lbs from work and exercising. I literally can't lose anymore. But I don't consume enough calories to gain muscle. ;A;
Die Fishy Die Report | 10/29/2016 3:30 am
Die Fishy Die
That's awesome. I always enjoyed the art building at our community college where I live. It was actually a pretty cool building even if it looked somewhat old. What's your favorite thing been about school so far or this line of study? What's your least favorite too? What made you choose this line?
Yeah. I work graveyard shift so four days a week which has now turned in to three every other week since recent schedule change, I work 11pm to 6am. I work at a grocery store stocking shelves during off hours. So there's only three of us at night now since someone left. And I've been the only female since I started six months ago.
SiCoticOz23 Report | 10/28/2016 10:58 pm
check out my latest thread. XD


Thanks Fishy :'D


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