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Welcome to SAKURA KASUGANO'S a.k.a SF Alpha profile
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Sakura 1st appearance in the STREET FIGHTER ALPHA/ZERO Series. Student of Dan Hibiki San; also her boyfriend under the training of Saikyo arts that is similar to Kyokgeogen Style arts from Art OF Fighting. Her goal is to meet Ryu San and follow him wherever he goes for a fight to improve her skills with both Saikyo and MIMICRY of the arts of Master Gouken/ mimic arts basically off of RYU.

more info on knowing about SAKURA? Play and enjoy the street fighter series and ovas/anime from the series. As well with the uncut version of STREET FIGHTER 2 the animated movie uncut.


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Street Fighter AIpha

Real Life Bio:
~type: 100 percent Straight
~Ethnicity: Japanese,Chinese,part Filipino
~Fighting Gamer? Of course!Even a
RL tournament player!
~Fav console(s) razz laystation and Nintendo