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I am 13 and I love anime. My favorite types of music are Techno, Rock, and just anything random! X3 i love to draw and sing, but I don't sing in public so well so don't even think about calling me up and asking me to sing for yee. I have A LOT of favorite bands so here are a few of em : Dot Dot Dot, MCR, FOB, Guns n Roses, Panic! at the Disco, Toy-Box, Nickelback, Siney Toy Guns, and The Ting Tings. I love video games! My favorite is Final Fantasy X-2.

This be here is Courtney or, username; Dr Walter_ My favorite YodaPuff in the WHOLE widey universe is . . . SHERIDANNNN! I love sheridan like the sister she'll always be. We met in 1st grade and i asked her if she wanted to play "cootie girls" which was a game we played. Then it changed from strangers from the trustworthy, amazing friends we are. I can trust her with ANYTHING. Whenever we have a secret mission, we code name it. Right now, its Code Name; Waffles. Me and sheridan have soo many inside jokes that THATs not even funny but everything else is to us. Nothing could ever come between us. (sorry sam, im still her favorite. ALWAYS WILL BE) no matter how many friends we have, we both know that no one is ever the same as us. You'll never find another Yoda Puff or Rainbow Doodle together except here! No matter how much i type, itll still be me and sher = the best of budros. LOVE YA CHAKITAAA! With Lovee, Courtney. On March 15, 2010


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La Coquet
Dr Walter_
Dr Walter_

Then one who you can tell anything. <3

THE bestest friend in THE whoe wide universe!!! ;]

The one who's annoying but you love her anyways. <3

The one who can always make you laugh. <3

The one who you get into fights with and make up the next five minutes. <3

The one who loves me. <3

I was here on 3/15. BEAT THAT! -hotwheels-

see that guy right there? ^
he tries to make sheridan FAT!!!
gimme the candy! im ur besstttt friend!

this be courtney, , ,