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My Reality, maybe.

The foolish brother of Tanith Tainted Hope, the fake friend of Kattitina, the shadow of doubt, the raven of hope that has strayed. Names to me which mean nothing. Not the fact that when my story was first written out I was not really the brother of Tanith but instead her soul mate. Not the fact that my gaia story has me in love with the girl Kattitina who lost her memory of everything she once knew including me.

No, my story is not one that matters, and my darkness matters even less.


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Stray Raven Rambles

If I'm on, I look like a guy. If I'm on I'll pose as a guy. So who am I? A girl who doesn't really have a twin who isn't really in love with Kattitina. I am Kattitina.


“I was just looking for a pretty face, and you're not it, because I love you too much.”