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volkovia Report | 10/08/2013 12:27 am
unfortunately not! its just cold and rainy so far ;^;

ahh!! i wish you luck on your tests! :"( have they been going well so far?
volkovia Report | 10/04/2013 5:54 pm
i've been doing well! ;w; the colder weather has been getting to me though hehe
how've you been? *O*
volkovia Report | 10/03/2013 5:39 pm
no problem! *w*
good to see you around~!
Skeet Draconis Report | 08/19/2013 7:17 pm
Skeet Draconis
User ImageHunt those that would destroy the world...

Well, thank you~ =u=
I actually like tests, because they are easy, lol. Unless I had been absent from class and haven't been keeping up with the learning, because then I just don't know. XD And then sometimes also there will be randomly obscure questions that I'm just like "IDK" because it seemed unimportant. Or I'll get dates wrong sometimes if it was a history test, but dates are unimportant beyond a small window of time and they stopped asking for dates when I got to college.

...I'm rambling a bit, lol. emotion_c8

Aaaaaaahhhhh, thank you. whee I'll be sure to let you know when it is done~! I'm gonna self-publish it on Amazon, so it should be easy to get to. I just need to finish the darn thing and then edit and edit and edit and then think about how much I want to try and charge people and so on and so forth. It'll be a while, though.

No. We don't. OTL I am in New York and she is in North Carolina. It is really far, especially since neither one of us has a car. Even by car, though, it is like an 8 hour drive or more. So we don't get to see each other very often. emo

...destroy the beasts before they destroy us all.
Skeet Draconis Report | 08/19/2013 7:02 pm
Skeet Draconis
User ImageHunt those that would destroy the world...

Well, I don't mean to brag... emotion_awesome Lol~ Maybe I am smart. Maybe I am not. The choices that I have made have not been the smartest, so who is really to say? emotion_yatta

emotion_c8 Thank yooooouuuuu~ heart *huggle*
I'm hoping that it is okay when it's done. And that people read it. xD That's the main thing~

Oh, yeah. :B A few times. We are le boyfriend and le girlfriend. We both wanna get somewhere together so we can see each otherrrr. yum_puddi She's the most awesome. heart

...destroy the beasts before they destroy us all.
volkovia Report | 08/19/2013 3:21 pm
fffff ;w;

ohh well i bet they look really neat!! but keep practicing as you are until youre happy, yeee! o:
omggg you dont have to! heheh i just blabber in my threads orz ;w;

thank you ! i did have a good sleep hehe
Skeet Draconis Report | 08/19/2013 7:06 am
Skeet Draconis
User ImageHunt those that would destroy the world...

Tests are not bad, though. emotion_c8 I never have a problem with them, really. I just retain knowledge, lol~

A tricky tricky tricky disguise! emotion_0A0 I had no idea. OTL
But yeah, moving all your stuff can be a pain. xD

I'm not up to too much, really. Trying to write a novel and not making much progress at the moment. Still looking (not very hard) for work and finding nothing.

Wanna move out and get a place on my own, somewhere, with Sugar. yum_puddi

...destroy the beasts before they destroy us all.
volkovia Report | 08/18/2013 10:38 pm
wahh thank you!! ;w;
malice punk is such a nice item but only the scarf and jacket hehehe
the rest is kinda strange,,
its so weird when items only have a couple good poses omg
good thing its not expensive or anything though ! .o.

aww!! well you should just keep practicing ! *w* its not too hard once you get the hang of it, i believe in you!
youre gonna have to keep me updated on your art progress! ahh ;w;

its the same way with that color test where you pick the order HOW DOES IT WORKKK
i actually just take it whenever im in a bad mood so i can figure out whats wrong with me LMAO OTL

ps im gonna head to bed now so thats why i might not answer quickly eheh! ;w;
Skeet Draconis Report | 08/18/2013 9:41 pm
Skeet Draconis
User ImageHunt those that would destroy the world...

College will do that, yeah. =u= It can be a lot of fun, though! And so rewarding. *nodnod* Just stick with it. Crush that sh*t like a champion. Cx

emotion_c8 Good that you have some time to yourself, though. Gotta hold onto that and make the best of it. Yesssssssss~

So did you abandon your other account? O:

...destroy the beasts before they destroy us all.
volkovia Report | 08/18/2013 8:56 pm
ahh yOURE RIGHT ;w;
like for instance your hairrrrrrr its so pretty (touches screen)
though your whole avi is so nice too omg AHHHH
maggots scare me though eheheh

OMFFGNJNn i worked hard to get to this point ... blood ... sweat ... tea rs ... sparkly bishonen tears ;;w;
BUT SERIOusly last year i wa s like .. kawaii desu stu ff and now im trying to draw the bishies at least hehehe

ALSO OMg wasnt it?? ;___; it was so spooky and deep
omgg!! a lot of bits seem to describe you pretty well from the impressions i have *o* RAD


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