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crazziness_10 Report | 07/08/2010 2:39 pm
cool avi
sora cox Report | 02/05/2010 6:32 pm
sora cox
thank you for buyin'!
CyberTeaGenocide Report | 02/01/2010 7:03 am
haha ur avi looks so cute, i luv her hair. :}
x - - no utopia Report | 10/16/2009 1:29 pm
x - - no utopia
I don't really like the Twilight Saga...I mean, what's the big deal about them? It's like rap music: if you don't like then you're old. stressed Especially when people think they're being smart just reading them. I usually tell them I don't care how long the actual book can get the whole summary off the INTERNET! stressed And I personally think Stephanie Meyer has to tone down with the continuous unneeded details (some of her chapters are only about walking and talking) and she stole the idea from other authors. I'm not trying to be rude, but Twilight freaks act like Stephanie Meyer was the 1st person ever to write about vampires or the person who invented them. Haven't they heard of Dracula?! scream
x - - no utopia Report | 10/14/2009 5:42 pm
x - - no utopia
No to Boston, but I'll check it out sometime. Owl City I heard of. I like it except it's more of a soft rock band. Never heard of the others, but I'll make a reminder to check them out. Have you every heard of Eyes Set to Kill? Breaking Benjamin? Within Temptation?
x - - no utopia Report | 10/13/2009 2:49 pm
x - - no utopia
To tell you the truth, other than Papa Roach, I haven't heard of most of what you listen. xd I'm so academic I barely have time to listen to music. But since I'm a 100% Gaia Addict, I manage to squeeze as much Gaia as I can in my schedule. 3nodding xd
x - - no utopia Report | 10/12/2009 5:34 pm
x - - no utopia
I like Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Paramore, Skillet, Green Day, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, and a lot more I can't remember. xd
x - - no utopia Report | 10/11/2009 6:39 pm
x - - no utopia
W-what's u-u-up? S-s-sorry. I-I-I h-have a-a-a p-problem w-w-with m-me-meeting n-n-new p-p-people. S-so, h-h-hi? (I really don't have this type of problem...sort of. I don't stutter, but am a tad bit shy. sweatdrop I'm just trying to think of a creative greeting. 3nodding )
winniemdaisy Report | 09/18/2009 5:26 pm
Thanks for buying!!!!!!!! ^^
CyberTeaGenocide Report | 09/18/2009 5:12 pm
cute profile *~Bump~*

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