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I can't leave but I can't stay.

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s h o t g u n
shot. gun.
shoot ur shot.
controversy bang.
Story below about this ava here (clickie)

Ha ha xD your avi speaks volumes.
She organized a protest but forgot what it was about never showed there and got high.
She wanted a tattoo. She got a date and time, but once she arrived there, she and the artist got so high she gave the artist a tattoo.
Once she went to have her hair colored black. But she arrived there high just loved the nature outside and walked in said she wanted her hair green. On the way out she picked up, some flowers put them in her hair and ever since she's been liking it so much its part of her identity.
To celebrate this she rolled one and called her friends.

Traditional Bust Art cute headshot Cute Waist UP Headshot Headshot

Concept art. <3 Cute doodle