Hi everyone! This section, will be entirely about me!

Introducing Myself

--> I will not tell you my real name unless we have known each other for a long while

--> I like to roleplay, but not in forums, I like doing mostly roleplays where there are sometimes fighting in them, so if you would like to roleplay with me, roleplay with me on meebo. ^ u ^

--> I do go on Gaia often, but I'm not a generous person when it comes to donating gold, so please don't beg okay? Get it, good!

--> I was born on March 28th, (not telling the year I was born in,)

--> I'm polite, but i'm usually extremely lazy, and I do swear whenever I get mad or pissed.

-->I don't have a great memory, so if I forget to do something for you, please remind me okay? Good, i'm glad that you would understand.

--> I also draw manga! I'm not very good at it, and some hints on the hair and body will be kindly appreciated~!

What I like and/or love

--> Cute things, like Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty and Chibis! I have a whole collection of Rilakkuma things, and I have lots of Hello kitty lead pencils.
(don't judge me I haven't really used a regular wooden pencil) You get my point, right?

--> Cookies!!! If you have cookies...GIMME THEM!!! x3
I love chocolate chip cookies the most. o u o

--> Anime~! Like Fairy Tail, Bleach, Tamako Market and a lot more,and some funny moments from them of course,

--> Japanese food~! I like sushi, tempura, Udon noodles, and more~! My favourite kind of sushi is Unagi sushi! (Eel Sushi)

--> The game Osu! It's really fun, it's a rhythm game where you have to play the beat in any song~! (which includes songs in different languages.
(Like Gangnam style or songs from any k-pop group or songs in Japanese)

--> Vocaloid!!! I love their songs, and everyone looks so cute when they're a chibi, especially Miku, my favourite songs from Hatsune Miku are: Electric love, SPiCa, Packaged, Yellow and Kimi ni uso I also like Megurine Luka, my favourite songs from her are: One night disco, Akahitoha, Rip=Release and Tower, I like Megapoid Gumi too~! My favourite songs from her are : Eye examination, Blue bird, A solution for Jealousy, Route sphere and Chemical Emotion Feat. Rin Kagamine

What I hate and/or despise

--> Spam!!! I get real laggy when you guys send me spam > n <

--> Gold post!!! They're entirely fake, if you actually believe those, you should get A FRICKEN LIFE

--> Rude or mean comments, no one likes it when you give them complaints or rude comments, so don't give me any rude comments, all right? > o <

--> Bug...they scare me sometimes, = w =

My hobbies

--> I do go fishing, it's actually quite fun, but I hate it whenever I go fishing, there's bugs like mosquitoes surrounding me, they tend to get me annoyed,

--> Drawing Manga, like I said before, I draw manga but I suck doing it

--> Reading, sometimes I read chapter books, sometimes manga and how to make origami books and etc.

--> Making faces after I type, it's not really a hobby but I do it a lot, the faces I would usually make are: > w <, > n <, > u <, T ^ T, o u o, o n o, o w o x3, xP, xD

My background

I hate being called the wrong nationally!! So here it is....
I'm a Malaysian/Chinese-Vietnamese-Canadian and no, I'm not Japanese or Korean....there's a difference! > n <

What Do I Listen To?

--> Mostly K-pop it's quite addicting even though I don't understand it, I listen to songs from Girl's generation/SNSD, EXO, SHINee, Secret, A-pink and more!

--> Sometimes songs sang in Mandarin, I understand them completely but I'm not really a huge fan of it, I listen to songs, from Super Junior-M,,EXO-M, Rainie Yang and more~
--> Songs sang in Japanese, like anime openings or songs from Vocaloid

Okay, that's everything, thanks for taking your time to read this entire section!
^ - ^


My daily life

What i do and things


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