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When fire will rein.

Short stories that may be part of a long one they will be intense, thirilling, or adventureous.



I love...

Dungeons and Dragons(am obsessed)
My computer games
Video Games
Reading-Favorite book-Prey
Just Playing Pretend

Favorite Music-
Classic Rock

Some of my friends believe I was Hitler in another life (or his right hand man they arn't sure) because of my bad karma so please for the hate of Hitler(or his right hand man) donate GP to the cause...please.

Take advice from my signature!

FRIENDS- I came from a mental institution and some of my best friends were there also.

Steele13-Highest security inmate(for insanity)
Shirosu-Ryu-inmate(thinks she is a dog)
killedbykarma-guard(predicted me being Hitler in another life[or his right hand man])
Darkgirl13-nurse who has strange visions.
trip-mokuzou-Strange man who pretended to be mental to get away from the cops.

More of my Famous Quotes-
Dangerous toys are fun but you could get hurt.(all the more reason right!?!) -Vash

Your mom says don't play with fire but if you have to you might as well make in an inferno. -Matty

Go ahead and hire the handicap they are fun to watch.-LP

Drinking doesn't solve solves everything. -Matty

Just hit the damn reset button-killedbykarma

I am not mean, just honest-me

The President gets paid $400,000 a year....does that include bribe money?

Everyone has a bullet waiting to hit them, the trick is dieing naturally before it gets you.- Some dude off firefly

*points gun at head*Wait I value life..*points gun at other dude* well mine anyway-killedbykarma

You can get anything for the price of 1 bullet.-Matty

2 wrong don't make a right...they make it even. -Matty

If you dont get this joke you are slower than Dell Tech Support.-Me (do u get it)

therapist-it means THE RAPIST(look in text) so watch out! -Everyone

My best friend inspired the morgue. -Matty

Tell your parents it is better to give than recieve.-A kid I no longer know

Prevent hangovers...stay drunk.-Matty

It is all fun and games till someone gets their eye poked out... then it is hilarious. -Matty

Someone once said to gain happiness you must give somthing up. So I tried it. I gave up my sisters and now I am happy.-Matty

Borrow money from a pessimist...they won't expect it back.-Matty

When life hands you lemons throw them at someone you hate.

Anything you say can and will be miss quoted and used against you! -A Person

Two wrongs don't make a right....they make it even.-Matty

I used to have super human powers but my therapist took them away.-My little sis

Silence is golden but duck tape is silver.-Shirt

P1-Violence isn't the answer just the fun way to do things.-
My response-If violence isn't the answer then you don't use enough of it.

Members of the Roges Union know who they are.

Rogers Union Stuff-

National anthem-Don't Stop Me Now- Queen
Flag- A faded outline of the soldiers on Iowa Jima raising the flag on top of the American Flag
Capital- Far Away

Roger's Union Anthem


"You can never really appreciate anything until its gone."

IT goes for people as well.


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Still Shadow Report | 02/19/2009 3:09 am
I think it interesting that we use Gaia to talk about facebook.
DarkGirl13 Report | 02/18/2009 4:20 pm
Yes, send one to Fick. I know three Matthews now. I call one Matt, the other Mathias, and you Rogers.
Still Shadow Report | 02/17/2009 3:31 am
Real name? Naw, it's more fun this way. I'm a charecter out of a book (in case you wanted to know). I think I sent one to Will. Dylan Fick? I know like 10 Dylans.
DarkGirl13 Report | 02/16/2009 9:47 am
Yeah, just send me a new request. Next time go by your real name. Oh, also send a request to Will and Dylan.
Still Shadow Report | 02/11/2009 3:02 am
My sister's birthday is this saturday.
DarkGirl13 Report | 02/10/2009 6:59 pm
Still Shadow Report | 02/08/2009 4:11 pm
Sorry guys our computer had a virus. But it's working again.
Bulletproof Ninja Report | 02/05/2009 6:30 pm

Will dressed up as a ninja turtle at school today.
DarkGirl13 Report | 02/03/2009 1:21 pm
Matthew, did you abandon us.
DarkGirl13 Report | 01/29/2009 7:06 pm
Hey Matthew, I got a couple of death threats to tell you to get on Facebook so Will can talk to you.

Chivalry will never die.