There is a toxic plague that seems to circle around me, and every little thing I do. And for that, I'm done with this account, but the name is still mine.

Anyone who actually talks to me, can easily find me. Anyone who doesn't..Your loss, really. I don't care.

Today is the day you all shall witness the sky open up to a flood of death. A war that cannot be won.

Enjoy what pathetic excuse you have for a life. Just know that I will always come back, stronger than ever each time.

You cannot stop what never ends.

Miracles don't happen here, I've worked for the reputation that I have, and not one man, nor woman, shall ever take that from me.

So I leave all that don't know, to a bitter goodbye, and all those that do know..I welcome you, as brothers and sisters...We stand in V formation, unstoppable.