gaia_diamond Name is: Star Eveleen Wilson.

My favorite colours are: Purple, Pink, Black, White, Lime Green

I have: My GED, Few friends that I know in person. Made mistakes in life but hey hasn't everybody?

I love: My friends, (they are my family. If you hurt my family I will hurt you. That is a promise.), Singing. (I write my own lyrics and make my own music.), Photography

I am: A pretty down to earth girl, A learning experience, Sometimes really loud I don't know when to shut my mouth, Nice until someone pisses me off

I don't: Hate on you unless you hate on me, Sleep with everyone I meet

My best friend is: Caty Guthrie
It takes time to understand most of what I say.
I lose my way sometimes.
I dress a sertain way that you probably have never seen before.
I hug random people.
I talk way to much.
I flirt way to much. DON'T CALL ME A WHORE!
I wouldn't say that I am skinny but I'm manageable. .
Most people that meet me don't like me.... duh cause I'm hotter than them bahahahaha just kidding!!!
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Hi. smile


Naomi Chapin::→Also Known As Star Eveleene::←
I love MUSIC ♪♫ (Very so much...) MUSIC ♪♫ Is my whole life...
I love Boys ♂ (They're my best friends...) Boys ♂ are better to get along with!!!!
I love writing Poetry::→Mostly Love←:: (website):/ →naomi-poems4teens.blogspot.com::←
→got to:: my glogster: surprised r google then type in my name::←