The Legend

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Short Name: Sterk
Occupation: Knight

Ah, hello, Gaia. As you can see, I'm Sterkenburg. You can call me Sterk, if it's easier. Formerly I lived in a totally separate place from here, but an acquaintance of mine was practicing syntheses, and there was a bright light, and... I awoke here. Unfortunately, when I awoke, I was surrounded by plastic lawn decorations. Flamingos and gnomes were everywhere, as far as the eye could see! And much to my surprise, they were attacking.

My christening in this inanimate violence was harrowing, but nonetheless it taught me much about Gaia's plight. For now, at least, I have decided to delay my attempts to return home, in order to serve a greater good.

Even if that greater good means getting stuck standing out over open air in the Gauntlet.

No, I don't roleplay Sterk usually. I just thought I'd be silly and keep up appearances.