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how much gold do you have? - It increases alot.
what is your favourite animal? - dragon
do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? - no
are you a girl or a boy? - girl
where do you live? - Mexico
what kind of sport do you like?
are you a good singer? - you could say so.
have you ever went to disneyland? - yes
are you a boy? - no way
are you a girl? - yup
what do you wish for? - new clothes!
are you sick of being a teenager? - no
how old are you? - 16
where are you from? - Mexico
which continent do you live? - North America
do you have a big house? - sorta
who made you? - My mom and dad
what is your religon? - I dunno.
what do you want to be when your big? - I am big, and I h
what is you favourite channel? - MTV
what is your favourite movies? - Adam Sandler movies
what is your favourite pet? - I have 62 weasels, no fave.

would you like to have devil tail? - no
are you inlove? - yes
are you sick? - no
are you mad? - no
are you going to travel all around the world? - no
when you saw a hot guy would ask her to go to a dinner? - yes
when it's halloween what are you going to wear? - Santa suit
do you like KFC? - a little
do you like Starbucks? - yes

cat or dog? - dog
anphibians or reptile? - reptile
computer or laptop? - computer
love or sick? - love
gaiaonline or magivolve? - gaiaonline
hip hop or rock? - hip hop
ashlee simpson or avril lavigne? - avril lavigne
pen or pencil? - pen
swimming or tennis? - tennis
bikini or normal swimsuit? - bikini
lollypop or cake? - cake
rice or chicken? - rice
vanila ice cream or chocolate ice cream? - chocolate
happy or sad? - happy
last or first? - last
harry potter or lord of the rings? - harry pooter to da max!
scary or funny? - scary
mall or home? - mall!!!

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