The names Stephinie!!!
The age is 16!!!
The school is Jefferson Cad High School!!!
The job is at Borders with my buddy Sara!!!
The fav color is Blue!!!
The fav to do when is bored is manga!!!
The boyfriend is NOBODY!!!
The IPod is nano!!!
The fav animal is dolphin!!!
The hair color is blonde!!!
The eye color is blue!!!
The team is Jacob!!!
The fav manga is Vampire Knight!!
The fav anime is Kodocha!!!!
The fav person is mio >.I *heart* my peoples >.

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Total Value: 283,320 Gold
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Item List:
Sad Raspberry Ice Cream
Birthday Cupcake
Buck Teeth
Fairy Wings
Rose And Pink Reversible Bracelets
Natural Amethyst Pendant
Clean White Tavern Wench's Blouse
Trick or Treat Tote 4th Gen.
Light Gray Leg Warmers
Pure White Sweet Lace Mary-Janes
V-Day 2k9 Heart Lollipop
Elegant White Knee-Length Trousers
Whipped Cream
Bolt Deodorant
Neapolitan Sash (Vanilla)