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Hello everyone. Stella here~
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Registered: 01/18/2017

Gender: Female

Location: Tenebrae

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[[This is a mostly a RP/cosplay account for Stella Nox Fleuret. She would of been in FF XV but sadly got replaced by Luna. I will only add or accept those who roleplay or cosplay as characters from anime, manga and video games. Sorry ^^;
Also the info down below, is what I came up for Stella even if she never appeared in the game.]]

[[Now for info behind the cosplayer: Um.. not gonna give out my name. But for certain I happen to be in my twenties and I live in the United States.~ I love video games, Final Fantasy of course.. xD and Kingdom hearts. Lastly Pokemon xP.

If you wish to add me on other places here ya go.

AIM; healingxsmile

Skype: rawr.panda1

Kik: RawrrxPanda

Steam: Kawaii Desu Senpaii

or just copy and paste this

3DS Friend Code: 3110-4463-7605

PSN for vita and PS4: RawrrxPanda]]

Name: Stella Nox Fleuret

Nicknames: None so far so give me some?

Home: Tenebrae

Age: 21

Afflictions: Tenebrae

Occupation: Princess [Formerly before Luna came to be one xDD]

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2

Hair color: Blonde

Eyes: Purple

Weapon: Rapier

Orientation: Straight

Martial Status: Single

Her bio:

There was a young girl, who came to be apart of the Fleuret family. A wealthy family at that. The girl had purple-ish eyes and dirty blonde hair. Part of the Fleuret family, she had a older sister.. by the name of Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. The youngest sister by the name of Stella, mostly called her Luna for short. When she was in the country of Tenebrae, a lot of people they met could never tell them apart. They looked so similar. The only thing you could notice the differences of is the hair style, eyes and the clothes they might of wore. Living throughout her life in Tenebrae, she had a older brother named Ravus who barely spoke to Stella but mostly to Luna and then their was the mother named Sylva who was the queen. After years went on, Stella's sister Lunafreya, reigned a long side of her mother as the Princess. The youngest sister known as Stella wasn't involved. Just stayed clear out of it. As if she was a outcast.

As years passed, Stella came to know Luna had the title of the Oracle and being able to heal people with the use of her hands. The female wished she had powers as the Oracle did. Maybe then she would get some recognition. Sometimes she did adventure out of the castle to just follow her oldest sister. Her sister being busy as she was, Stella just parted from her and mostly spent her days within the walls of the castle. One day she heard the queen and Ravus discussing about something.. rather important. That's what Stella's ears heard. Several minutes went by.. and it was about a wedding going to happen pretty shortly. Who was going to get married? It was no other than Lunafreya. Stella was happy for her sister but why didn't tell her, herself? Must of been a secret. As weeks went by.. had stayed in Tenebrae. Her oldest sister had traveled to a far off city called Altissia. The blonde heard it was more of a popular and quite beautiful place. Gentiana who often accompanied the Fleuret House, mostly to keep watch on Lunafreya, came along with her. Of course, so did the dog known as Pryna. Stella wanted to come along too but with the wedding about to happen, she stayed put.

After Lunafreya left, Niflheim was out of its wake and made its way to Tenebrae. Apparently, they were looking for the Oracle. Which they didn't find. Just found her youngest sister, who looked just like HER. "Who the hell are you? You are not her." Soon, she explained the Imperial Army, that she was Lunafreya's sister. Nothing more. Since they found her instead, they had evil deeds to her to complete. "We are looking for the crystal we need to obtain to over throw the kingdom of Lucis. We need you to go out and adventure in the world to find it. If you find anyone that belongs with that Empire.. KILL THEM. Get the damn crystal for whatever it takes. If you do not.. we'll find the Oracle, end her life and yours, while we are at it. Do you agree to these terms?" Stella didn't have a choice to this so she only agreed.

Like a month later before leaving Tenebrae, she wrote a short letter to her mother and Ravus, leaving it on the table in the living room. The blonde didn't explain much of the situation, just mainly told them she needed to gather her thoughts and take her own trip of adventure. Not like they would care about her, in any case. After that, she left she adventured out going to countless places to search for this thing known as the crystal. On her travels, before reaching the town called Lestallum, she was attacked by a daemon. The girl had nothing to defend herself. Trying to scurry away from the monster from the field, she took a lot of hits. Bunch of scratches were seen underneath on her stomach, above her white blouse. Right below her black skirt, more cuts were on her legs. Taking a quick look, it must of been a Behemoth. A large one at that. Trying to dodge the attacks, one of the long nails scratched against her face. Kicking to the ground. Laying helplessly, she had her first near death experience. Blood slowly came out side of her chest, as her eyes went shut. As it did, she felt herself enter another world. Was she dreaming or not? Looking around, there seemed to be pure black and no one was around. Nothingness. It must of been Kingdom of the Dead.. seeing Stella thought it was nothing than a pure legend. It must of been true. Afterwards, she seen someone.. appear of a Goddess.. Etro was it..? Who granted the blonde special powers.. and able now to see the 'light'. After the vision she preserved.. her purple hues opened up and she was alive. "I'm alive..? and that daemon must of left, too." Standing up on her two feet, purple light came from her appearance, as a rapier appeared in front of her two eyes. Now, she wasn't defenseless anymore. Though apparently this wasn't her first near death experience she could recall, not like it mattered to her.

After arriving at Lestallum, she used some of her gil she had on her to grab something to eat. After finding a small cafe and leaving, she left the town. Taking out the map, she had on hand, the next city read on it was Insomnia. "I heard Lunafreya speaking about this place before.. It must be what they call the 'Crowned City'. Interesting. Maybe the Crystal is here." Murmuring a few words under her breath, she started to look for a taxi nearby who could take her then, instead of walking many miles. Her feet and legs grown tired. Able to find one, she gave the taxi guy some more gil and rode the taxi cab. Some would question her on why she had so much money. After all she was part of the Fleuret House family. Coming to her destination, it was already nightfall and thanked the taxi guy for taking her to the city. Coming out, Stella raised her eye to the sky and thought it was a beautiful night.

Having a cell phone on her side, she retrieved a call from Nilfheim about a party. "There is a party going on? Why wasn't I told about this before?" During the call, they told her while they were gone, they did a piece treaty against both cities. "Think you should go.. who knows who you might meet there." Stella just hanged up the phone and walked into the streets of town to look for a store with formal wear. Coming across one, she bought a white blouse and long skirt that matched, along with high heels. Shortly after, she made it to a large building that had people going in and out, which must of been the party. Having a bit crowd, the blonde got overwhelmed by it and found a stairs, not sure where it may lead her. Maybe it wouldn't be too crowd. Walking up, she found a statue that looked like the Goddess of Etro, she met before in another life. Turning her head, she noticed a male with raven hair. What a handsome guy she couldn't admit but seen. Upon the short meeting, he was a Prince.. Noctis. Stella felt some aura about him. Was it good or bad? She wasn't sure. In beginning of their talk, she talked about Etro and being able to see the light. "Prince Noctis.. you can see the light? So can I." With a gentle smile across her lips. If he was able to, then he had special powers just like her. After talking to him, it seemed he didn't approve about talking about the light or believe in the legend. Even so.. it was a special thing.. being able to meet someone like him in person. After that, she hoped they would meet again.

After the meeting, she went back to her home country. The girl was home sick. Thinking about the meeting she had with Prince Noctis, she had this feeling he was her enemy and maybe the one who had the so called 'crystal'. Going back to Insomnia, it was night-time just like she first adventured there. In her original attire, she stood in middle of the streets, staring at the moon as if it shined down on her. Her eyes met again with the young prince. Because of the empire, she was forced to fight him. Calling upon her powers and using her rapier, she had fought with him. Trying to aim his chest with her weapon.. she missed on purpose and left the scene. For some reason she did not wish to kill him. Stella didn't have the heart for it. At this point.. she didn't accomplish her mission.

After the battle, she had a few cuts and bruises which left her injured which did not matter. All Stella did was flee the battle. Where to go now? Maybe now.. she could consider herself a runaway. The only place she could ever return to was her home.. home of Tenebrae. Hours went by since then and arrived back home. She headed back into the castle, where her brother or the queen was nowhere to be found. Heading back into her bedroom, the cuts, scratches and bruises was still found on several parts of her body. Hovering her hand, where she was hurt, soon some energy came out of her hand and soon to heal the areas. It seemed Stella had the same or similar powers of her older sister, Lunafreya. Still quite different from her in any case. No one really knew Stella had these powers until only herself did. As if they were awaken retrieve these unknown powers when she was able to see the light, a gift from the Etro. But after seeing of what it did to her sister, she didn't want it to happen to herself. If everyone else came to find out her powers, probably would use it against her and for mis use.

Doing some thinking of her own, it was best to get away from her home. Staying in Tenebrae and having the Empire slowly invading the area, it wasn't best for her to be there anymore. She wanted to be elsewhere, living the life she wanted to have and to be free. Walking out of the bedroom within the castle walls, Stella headed outside and heard from a few tourists who traveled through Tenebrae; they talked about a resort kind of place called Galdin Quay which interested the blonde a bit. Until she remembered traveling to the place, never really knew the name of the town until now. Maybe for awhile, she could visit there and stay there since had a hotel. But having plenty of people around wasn't the best plan.

Standing on the streets of Tenebrae, once more Stella took out her map and seen after the town of Galdin Quay, there was another place called Caem. Which she remembered visiting before and looked deserted; when she was there before. Of course there was fields of grassy area and not many buildings around. If she ever needed something like food, clothes or drinks, the best place for that was Lestallum. She remembered in Lestallum, you could catch a boat ride to Altissia. "Luna.. I hope all went well for you and your wedding." Now adventuring off to the next location, she could have time to herself and being alone was the best choice. Entering the ghost town or so she thought, she looked around with her purple hues, noticed a manor of some kind and then the skeletal tower. All looked abandoned to her. Walking into one of the rooms inside of the manor which was empty; it was a bedroom, had electricity and rather dusty. Of course, she would clean it up and make it her own. Wiping the bedroom window with her hand, she gazed out it and it being a cloudy day.. maybe it looked a bit better where Lunafreya was. In the days where Stella spent most of her days with Luna.. not once the Oracle really mentioned of who she was going to marry. For the youngest sibling, she had an idea it might of been the guy who she met at the formal party. Prince Noctis, was it? It couldn't be him or was it? Now this was the life that Stella chosen for herself.


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You can see the light? So can I."


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x_cupcakez_x Report | 06/06/2017 4:09 am
Hi there!! whee
I have a few items on my wishlist that is on my profile that I am questing.
If you don't mind helping me, any donations are appreciated, thank you so much! heart
Little Kadaj Report | 05/05/2017 4:39 pm
Little Kadaj
AH! PERSON WHO IS ALIVE! -throws arms around you- o_o ... -steals your moogle- < <
Little Kadaj Report | 04/20/2017 2:47 pm
Little Kadaj
( finally accept the friend requests people sent while I was on hiatus and I'm checking to see who still exists sweatdrop I don't know who the girl your account is themed after is but she's pretty and your avatar is really lovely! )
Prompto Argentunn Report | 03/20/2017 4:36 pm
Prompto Argentunn
my main acc is brave exvius
i multi cosplay pretty much and yeah
Prompto Argentunn Report | 03/14/2017 11:27 am
Prompto Argentunn
hey thats good
yeah i guess irarely get on or barely have friends on here
Prompto Argentunn Report | 03/09/2017 12:52 pm
Prompto Argentunn
hows it going?? i kinda forgot about gaia for abit
Prompto Argentunn Report | 03/03/2017 11:56 am
Prompto Argentunn
hello :>
KayaLing Report | 02/17/2017 6:07 pm
*smiles while a light red color appears across his face* A-And yeah, I really think so... I've never met someone like you before...

Yeah, they have the most prettiest color. That purple suits you. *blue eyes look into those purple hues* Well, my eyes aren't always blue, you know?
Stormy Zantetsuken Report | 02/03/2017 11:14 pm
Stormy Zantetsuken

Exactly precise, doing whatever the enemy says is really too pathetic.
True, and in my opinion after watching the trailer of Stella; she seemingly seems to be one of Noctis' enemy without a choice as well while she takes out her rapier for a reason. Yeah like a strong and mysterious kind of her, someone who has a backbone to stand up for herself, make her own decision and fight. Not an obviously desperately helplessly crazy dramatic generic love story things.
Can't believe squareenix choose that kind of stereotype cliche. emotion_facepalm
Yeah, feeling hesitate to have FFVII remake as well.. And gotta be prepared to be disappointed always, that's why I always watch and read all spoilers whenever I can get before making my final decision whether to own the game or not. sweatdrop
KayaLing Report | 02/03/2017 7:57 pm
I see... *glances to the side* Well, I'm a bit of a loner myself, so I kind of understand.

I sure hope so. *cheers up a bit* Maybe. Just could be that person for me?

Well, you're not that far off. Each person is different one way or another. Your eyes just intrigue me. *leans a bit closer* Somehow, they remind me of my own...

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