Well well well.... Here we go again I suppose.... I've never quite known what to write in here. Yes, write about myself obviously, but what exactly about myself? At that, to what end? I don't know anyone who actually reads these.
Ah well, let's get started, shall we?


The Basics:
I am female
I am a college graduate
I am an avid gamer
I have been on gaia since Aug. 28 2006
I am a lifeguard
Ironically I have no life
My favorite color is blue
I am happily married

:The Excess
Prices on here are ridiculous these days
I'm currently job hunting
I used to make all of my own profiles
I am very literate
I'm saving up to build a 4k computer
My favorite hobby is sleeping
Netflix and popcorn are my best friends
I'm a virgo/dog


So yeah... that's about it for me. I don't know how often I will be able to get on here. I just got back from about a 2 year hiatus and as such I'm still trying to figure out all this new stuff. Back in my day the most expensive item on the marketplace was the original golden halo for about 6 million gold and that was super outrageous. Now there are things on sale for 2 billion gold and I look even poorer than I did before simply due to inflation. Anyways, if you have any praise or constructive criticism about my profile please feel free to leave a comment, it would be much appreciated! Also, if you so feel compelled to help me out with my dream avatar, I would love you forever! Other than that there's not much more to tell.

Have a Wonderful Day!


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Custom Profiles and More!

This is were I keep my custom profiles and more randoms stuff ^^



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Was Once A Lion

Report | 08/26/2018 12:35 pm

Was Once A Lion


I betcha don't remember much of me. And that's okay. c:
Was wondering if you still pal around on Gaia at all, or still do any roleplaying~

Shoot me a PM sometime!

Report | 12/20/2014 1:27 am


kera moondust

Report | 09/03/2011 10:20 am

kera moondust

it's awesome! and I must say I love Cake and Long Time is my favorite of there songs =D

Report | 01/14/2011 8:17 pm


thank you for the Tickets and tokens!

Love your avi by the way ^^
kera moondust

Report | 12/23/2010 11:48 am

kera moondust

omg!!! I love it Stella!! ^^ you should totally keep this one for awhile.

Report | 12/12/2010 12:42 pm


the profiles you made?
kera moondust

Report | 12/06/2010 4:49 pm

kera moondust

thanks stella! ^^

Report | 12/04/2010 4:13 pm


umm did u make the profile at tektek.org?

Report | 11/27/2010 4:37 pm


hey stella can you tell me how to make your own layouts?

Report | 11/03/2010 12:32 pm


haha yes! ikr? :3
It was pretty fun biggrin


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