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I am Yokune Ruko.
I'm not very important. Not interesting. I sleep and drink coffee most of the time. And then I just stare off into space. I hurt people I love more than the entire world. Don't get close to me. Thanks for visiting me, though. I suppose.

I like EDM (mostly Sonny Moore), Homestuck, Vocaloid/UTAU, Madoka Magica, and Doctor Who.


© Nee-chan

x-------d o r k f a c e-------x
Hai~ I'm retarded and I love eating dirt. .. jk. I love Ruko~ one of my very best and closests friends. She's my very first friend after I acutally stopped using Myspace and using DA and Gaia more. She use to be my twin Len... that I actually let stay as Len. because I was a dork then... yes.. I was a whale p***s.. DO YOU KNOW HOW ******** HUGE THOSE ARE?! I mean.. dayyuuummm. Don't want to get hit with one of those while swimming. Probably get knocked down to Ariel time where fishes ******** talk and you can breathe underwater. .... what was I talking about again?... OH YEAH RUKO! ffff. ADHDplz. She's always there when I need someone to cry to are whine. Cause I'm a spoiled brat. Anyways.. I love you Nie-chan! <3333

<3// Sluggyfayuss

Its sad that I don't know what the hell to write.
>: Well. I love you. Ruko. Your one the most amazing people I have ever met.
Your kind, sweet, thoughtful, and you always know how to make me smile.
Your there for me, when no one else is there.
You understand my emotions... You support me even when you think its something wrong.
While others don't understand. You do. I can always turn to you, and have a shoulder to cry on.
Like you said, you've always had my best interest at heart.
You even tested the love of my life to see if he would leave me so easily.
-pets softly- I'm lucky to have you. And I don't ever want to leave you.
When everyone else leaves me.. It will be fine.. Because you always stick by my side.
You don't pick side. So I always have your support.
heart I love you. now and forever. You are very precious to me, even when i'm too big of a b***h to show it. Even when i'm rude to you, or seem like I don't want to talk to you.
Love, Rin. ;3

やあ! ミク here showing ルコの profile some sexy love! ;D.. okay... yeah...I can't put anything as amazing as everyone else. But you are an awesome person ルコ, Funny and sweet, always trying to find out what's wrong with everyone and trying to help. No matter what, know that ミク-ミク has your back!
If anyone tries to hurt you, come running to me and I'll shove 韮葱 so far up their 奥底, they'd wish that they were 死者! 8D

Ahhh, what to say..? I guess I'll start off with saying that Ruko is one of the most important people in my life. We've known each other for a really long time and helped each other a lot. You're so supportive and caring, but you should learn to appreciate yourself more. You're worth a lot more than you think sometimes. I know I'm not the best person in the world, yet you still seem to think I am your important person.
Even if I make bad decisions you're there to help, and vice versa.
-ルウク aka Rei

PS- Stop rolling.


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Nice avatar.
Child Of Spiders

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Child Of Spiders

Happy Birthday! *hugs* wink

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megane suzuka sakamoto

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megane suzuka sakamoto


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^ u ^~

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: )
I thought I would let you know of my return~

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I-I adore your profile.
*half smile*

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edited profile.
Better Off This Way

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Better Off This Way

;o book 5 and 6 -POKES-
Eleanor Hume

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Eleanor Hume

You know this might be weird but I had you as a friend on my previous accounts o A o;
I saw you Ruko profile and clicked on your main account link and was surprised to see you xD;

(Was Sasori, Suiseiseki, Kanaria, and others I'm sure I don't remember.)


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