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"I've Had It with this Forum!!!!, I'm going for a Scuttle..."

Currently Questing, I do Avatar Art for a negotiable price. Check out my profile for a sample.(All Avatar art and other art by me is Copyrighted by law)User Image


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Avatar Art and Mic. Art By: me

A growing collection of Avatar Art by me other contributions will be here too!


About Me

Hello, my name’s SteamWitch. Why? Well, I am a five year freelance writer vet of a genre called Steam-Punk, and I am also a pagan; so, the name came naturally. I was born on May 3rd 1990 making me 19years old. I own a guild that is mainly for role playing named Dream~Catcher. Plus, I like to play Xbox Live and I enjoy working out, reading, and am a movie nerd. My favorite movie is “Land of the Dead” by George A. Romero. Also, I love fantasy, sci-fi and horror; hope that’s good for you. Oh and politics bore me for the reason I am an "Extreme Left, Anarcho-Primitivist”, and I don't care to argue religion as well. I am also a Fur...

Gamer Card

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Magic: The Gathering

I like to play this TCG game using the colors (All but Red...) I usually run Zombies, Equipment and Enchantment Decks. I like to play the Arcade Game on Xbox Live as well, and Web-cams with my friends. (And trustworthy people.)

Role-Playing Intrests.

Zombies, Nazi, 1960's, Vampires (Not Twilight), Were-Wolves (Haven't been ruined...yet), Mecca, Some Anime Based ones. (EX:Blue Gender, Cowboy Bebop, & Code: Geass), Steam Punk, Fantasy, Horror, & SCi-Fi. I'm also a big Comic Nerd and Film Nerd too So I don't mind these sort of RPs as well

Basically anything feel free to PM about an RP you want to do and see if I like it. I'm easy to please but I request some good spelling, there is a spell check after all.

Avatar Art By: SteamWitch (Me)

(These are samples of avatar art I can do I don't bother with digital art yet and I will attempt coloring at the request of the Commissioner But be waned, "It may not be pretty" I do however like to pen, sketch and Ink all of my art. ALL ART IS COPYRIGHTED BY LAW SO YOU ARE WARNED)
"Pen Ver."
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"Color Ver."

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XGinger-NinjaX Report | 04/04/2010 5:05 pm
Hey l'm the vice captain of a zombie roleplaying guild called: Braindead , it is in need of members and l was wondering if you would like to join biggrin
xXxVeraLeexXx Report | 04/02/2010 3:19 pm
Actually yes... i enjoy your style...but it depends on how much^_^
xXxVeraLeexXx Report | 04/02/2010 3:41 am
You draw very well...^_^, also gotta say i love your background.
Silent Manipulation Report | 03/22/2010 11:30 am
Silent Manipulation
How did you manage to convince people to pay that much for it?
Silent Manipulation Report | 03/21/2010 7:37 am
Silent Manipulation
So? It's organized.
I_Cheerdelle Report | 03/18/2010 6:58 pm
Ahh hello... well I'm looking for good artists other than myself to draw my avi... If it doesn't bother you, I'm willing to offer 30 - 40k... ^_^
Silent Manipulation Report | 03/10/2010 6:16 pm
Silent Manipulation
Rofl rofl!
Silent Manipulation Report | 03/09/2010 9:00 pm
Silent Manipulation
Hey bby.
Kill it dead Report | 03/09/2010 7:26 pm
Kill it dead
Kill it dead Report | 03/09/2010 7:18 pm
Kill it dead
I think so meh friend

Note: That this was in Blue Pen and I can't erase that! However if you want it in color there will be no Blue lines present!! Also I can Color it in Marker only if you want and can omit the heavy Black outline as well if you want it in more of a "sharp" look.