This is my God
This is my Bible
This is Me
If you do not believe in either of those, we cannot be friends. This is not a joke. I do not RP this.

However, if you do believe in 28k years that God will exist: We can be friends.

I am a Conservative. I hate liberals. I don't care about gays so long as they don't become women. I do care about women and I refuse to vote, because they have that right and also occupy the same booth as me. They [women] should have their own fountains, schools, and voting booths. All of these will actually just be kitchens.

I am an old school RP'er who easily loses interest in RP's with little control over the story and subject. I am not a Grammar Nazi, because Nazi's failed. I am a Grammar American. Because we win. Except Currently, because Barak is president, and I hate his stupid black face. That wasn't racist, that was simply me noting his face is black. So I am not a Grammar American either. I am a Grammar 2nd Amendment. The right to bear arms. That is always win.

I am openly gay for Spider-Man, Captain America, and Ryan Butler [A combination of Gerard and Reynalds]. Oh and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Are you allowed to be racist on gaia? If so. List me as that.

If not. Then I hate racists and they should all be banned.







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******** EM~!
The Obnoxious Riddler

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The Obnoxious Riddler

Yeah. Dx If it didn't cost so much I'd totally have an outfit already. Oh well.. Perhaps one day I'll be able to get some of her stuff.
The Obnoxious Riddler

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The Obnoxious Riddler

I think I like pretty much all steampunk stuff. If I ever save up enough money -- which is just about impossible in this crappy economy -- I want to get an entire outfit from this one amazing woman. Her site is www.steampunkcouture.com

Amazing s**t. Amazing woman. She just knows she's that awesome so her stuff is EXPENSIVE.
The Obnoxious Riddler

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The Obnoxious Riddler

Hahaha! Awesome! That dream avi is kinda old and something I'm not adamant about having but I still like it. I made my avi steampunk for now instead because I just LOVE steampunk but since I can't afford the clothing (and can't sew worth a damn) I figured I'd just make my pixelated self all steampunk. 8D
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Personify Me

You too. Have fun. xD
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Personify Me

I like Strange because he is an a*****e like that. xD
My dream would be to write a Cloak and Dagger script.
And Dust is such a badass.

Here is her Intro

I am so proud of it. ;-;

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Personify Me

I love Academy X <3
I own the first two Graphic Novels.
And I probably have over 100 80s - 90s comics.
I've only just started buying them though. :3

Basically, I am in love with anything Doctor Strange, Cloak and Dagger, or X-men.

I was really afraid of playing Dust at first, but I really enjoy playing her.
Though, I'm playing an enhanced / older version.
The roleplay is based off of the Cure, and how those who took it became a high form of Mutants
afterwards. So I basically Dust about 10x stronger, and said she followed Hellion into the Brotherhood.
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Ah! I understand what you mean by the comics though. I actually made one one a long time ago, based off of The Purifiers versus Brotherhood and X-men.
I am in a movie based one right now. I hated the movie, but this roleplay is just awesome. I'm playing two OCs, along with Dust and Boom Boom.
A lot of fun.


Most Advanced Literate roleplays only expect about 750 words a post, just saying. xD
I wouldn't mind joining a nice, put together Literate X-men rp though. I just never found one.
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Personify Me

Oh I use it still. Especially for looking up actors / directors.
I have the add on for it on Chrome.
All I do is highlight a name / movie title and it goes to the page.
Very useful. xD

What type of character are you going to use for the X-men rp?
If you're joining that is.
I'm trying to decide if I should one of my OCs, or make a brand new one..


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b***h then message me!

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