likes: sunny days. texting. candy. makeup. pepsi. rice. fruit. broccoli. baths. chihuahuas. learning. change. people with style. the sky night or day. my xbox 360. laptops. canada. countryside, going for walks in the country. shopping. chapsticks. tanning. vanilla smell. star wars. pale skin and dark skin. curves. skinny legs with big boots. accessories. money. shyness. people who can make me really laugh. intelligence. kind heart people.

dislikes: ignorance. phones. people with no manners. delusion. sitting still. people who copy. runny foods. depressing or angry music. ps3 and wii. moodiness. lies. people with no respect. people who make fun of others. shallowness. star trek. being used in every sentence. junk mail! people that are afraid of rollercoasters and never go on them. people who complain about there looks and do nothing to try and improve them. people who get angry over the simplest of things.