Nickname: Nite-chan, Core, Star
Age: Teenage
Fav. colour: Currently black
Eyes: Light blue-grey with amber near the pupil
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Country: Canada
Fav. movie: Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki.
Hobbies: Cosplay, drawing, writing, roleplaying, playing video games, dancing, martial arts, band
Mules: Vampyyr , sweet_bee225 , kiss_of_angel

Thing I Do On A Regular Basis

AP Math
Senior Concert Band
Senior Jazz Band
Intermediate Concert Band
Martial Arts

Q : You wear a lot of black , are you emo ?
A : No D; Goth -- there`s a difference ..

User Image
^ ^ ^ Drawn by Icey2233

I Cosplay!

Working on:
Misa-Misa (c) Death Note
Axel-inspired keyblade (c) Kingdom Hearts
Demyx-inspired keyblade (c) Kingdom Hearts

If you donate I give you art :3
NOT the piece of art above. That is not mine!! Go to my dA account to see examples

I heart the band Paramore biggrin

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I`m In The Business Of Misery
Lets Take It From The Top
She`s Got A Body Like An Hour Glass
It`s Ticking Like A Clock

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Just me.

I will add what ever I feel like, whenever I feel like it. Please to not suspect any consistency in theme or date of post.

A small dairy like thing about my life and any opinions/problems I may have. Please feel free to comment on everything and anything.



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Malice Wise Lufkin

Report | 11/07/2010 6:37 am

Malice Wise Lufkin

Happy birthday sweetheart!
Kanine Kuchiki

Report | 08/23/2010 7:21 pm

Kanine Kuchiki

yeah we fought back in the day lol when i didnt work so much so how are you anyway also thanks for the nice words
Malice Wise Lufkin

Report | 08/06/2010 7:19 pm

Malice Wise Lufkin

Thank you~
Picture Me Broken
Malice Wise Lufkin

Report | 08/06/2010 3:32 pm

Malice Wise Lufkin

Star dear,would you mind looking at the Picture me broken rp forum. It would help
Malice Wise Lufkin

Report | 07/31/2010 2:04 pm

Malice Wise Lufkin

Oh star =w=
Malice Wise Lufkin

Report | 07/31/2010 11:55 am

Malice Wise Lufkin

Look at my profile?

Report | 07/17/2010 4:02 pm


ty ty ;P
Convel Ulfang

Report | 07/02/2010 2:30 pm

Convel Ulfang

it didnt sad
Convel Ulfang

Report | 07/02/2010 2:26 pm

Convel Ulfang

i know i am biggrin
Convel Ulfang

Report | 07/02/2010 1:19 am

Convel Ulfang

hey try this out! send this comment on ten profiles then press f5 to get 10,000 gold


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