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Air Control Report | 09/03/2009 11:18 am
scince grade 8/9......kool......i had to start mine ALL OVER AGAIN cuz my old one was banned.
Air Control Report | 09/03/2009 11:08 am
wow! i didnt now u had a gaia avi.......cool! ^^
Beckles-In-Wonderland Report | 04/16/2007 4:56 pm
Hey Sweetie ^__^
Shebs Report | 04/14/2007 5:15 pm

*poke poke*
[lips.like.morphine.] Report | 03/07/2007 7:11 pm
cute profile! <3
AW and WS Report | 03/02/2007 11:02 pm
Reapuh Report | 03/02/2007 8:54 pm
hey, thanks for accepting the add =]

nice pro and avi =]

AW and WS Report | 03/02/2007 5:14 pm
Ha ha! I feel so loved now!!! =^ ^=

My Stary! Muwahahah!
Shebs Report | 03/02/2007 3:04 pm

Labu j00!
fishie pancakes Report | 02/18/2007 5:30 pm
i'm sorry i've been busy lately but i still love you!


User Image^^ A lil About Me ^^User Image

User Image

Name: Kat

Nick Names: Ky, Kylie, Star, Stary, Stary.Nite, Kat, SNS, Hunn, Darling, Sugar, etc.

Y my gaian name is Kylie: well i accually duno so plz stop askin ^^ And Guess Wat It Aint Anymore!!!

Y My Gaian Name Is Stary Nite Skies: Well I love the stars and when my friends stayed over in the summer we would watch the stars at night so yeah and my freinds are super important to me so really the question is why not

User Image

Age: 16

Birth Date: December 21st 1990

Hair: Long Dark brown hair WITH COPPER STREAKS

Eyes: Brown round the pupil , Green in the middle, and Blue round the rim ( emeralds from mountains thats thrust towards the sky ) AKA HAZLE

User Image

Likes: OO alota things, well i love art, anime, Dancing, Flying (and yes i doo fly planes), singing, music, Waterfalls, Comments, Messages, and much much more ^^

Dun Like: Again the list is long but in the spirit of it i'll just say @$$ holes, Preps, and lables ^^

Hobbies: Well lets see i have; Art, DANCING LIKE A COMPLETE FOOL, Air Cadets, Internet, OOO hanging with my friends ^^ , And again much more ^^

User Image

Music: OOOOO tooo much to say^^ but really It depends on wat mood im in to what i listen too ^^ always changing ^^

Anime: OOO soo many but again in the spirit ; Gravitation, fruits basket, Naruto, Inuyasha, Chobbits, And Much more ^^

User Image
User Image


User Image^^ My Quest 2B Pretty ^^User Image


- Koshinki- Sun Staff + 1,300
- Sincere_girl for the 3,400g & Pandy Pack
- Sanokura for the 360g
- .[ Ray ]. for the 1,300
- KohakuTenshi - for the silver silver bracelet ^^
- Sgt. Hobbes - Elegent Veil ^^

- Sincere_girl for the Momo ILU!!!!
- Sincere_girl for the lucky star
- riza_mustang124 for the lucky stars X2
- mon5563 for the angelic gloves

I'm Not Questing Anymore!!! I like my avi if you dont thats ur prob ^^

Jan 07 update - My Quest now is to do all i can to get my Angelbow, my Elegent Veil, and my Pixie back for due to a hacker twaz lost amaisingly thats all they took but they were my fave items and i would looooove them back please and thank-you



User Image^^ Thy Lil Random-ness ^^User Image

User Image


Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot,
who calls you back when you hang up on him,
who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.
Wait for the boy who kisses your forehead,
who wants to show you off to the world
when you are in your sweats,
who holds your hand in front of his friends,
who thinks you're just as pretty without makeup on.
Wait for the one who is constantly reminding you
of how much he cares about you
and how lucky he is to have you.
Wait for the one who turns to his friends and says, "...that's her."


Find a girl who calls you baby faced instead of hot or sexi
who can't stand it when you hang up on her and calls right back,
who would sit there for hours looking into your eyes,
who doesn't care what you look like, but what's inside counts the most,
Who looks at you with the twinkle in her eyes and kisses you on the cheek instead of the lips,
Wants to be with you in public, even if you wear those old grass stained and ripped pants with the bleached jersey like always,
Wait for the girl who is a constant reminder of your happiness and joy, who makes you smile just by knowing she loves you back.
Wait for the girl who you give piggy back rides to in public and she still is in view of her friends, while she gets off of you and you hear her say: "you're the one for me, for always"


User Image

SummerDarlin (My Site)


AW and WS
Homicidal Duck

My Long Lost Sisters I Met While Gambling

Dizzy Dezi

Chi My Darling!!!


Beki I Wuv You!!!

*Cough* Umm...Hi

My ICON!!! ~Huggz~

Love To My Long Time Gaian Friends

But I'm Cold... -Beki

Dolphin Lovers For Life!! -Chi

My Mara and I

my new hair cut & dye!!! March 007