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Erm... Haii. As you can probably tell, I pretty suck at writing About Me's so I'm going to rant about... some stuff.

Well, first of all, you can call my Starry or whatever else you can think of, unless I don't like it. Well as you see, my avatar have brown hair, I have brown hair, avatar has blue eyes, I don't. My friend does and this was her account before mine. I live in England and have school and such. Get an overload of homework everyday which has to be done. I never do it anyways, school is too boring to even do anything. Normally I don't wear socks, but when I do, they're different lengths, patterns and mis-matched. I hate dresses, much prefer skirts. It doesn't help that my Mum still thinks I'm two, sure I may act like two but she makes me wear pink!!! =!shockhorror!= And in case you haven't noticed, I am a girl who hates pink. Pink makes you look like such a girly-girl. And I'm not a girly-girl, no-way near.

I guess I like alot of things, then again everyone does.I like roleplaying with my friends and banananas(which I can't even spell right) cos' you can use them as a phone, a gun and people trip over them. What can't you not love about banananas? I also like cheese, actually, I prefer the word cheese more than cheese. But I do like cheese, not all the types of cheese though. I like red Lester and the cheese Wallace & Gromit eat. I don't drink water, I drink sprite. Sprite rocks and don't deny it! I like cookies, then again, everyone does. I love food, but don't eat much of it. Only junk. Like cookies and pizza and fries and so-so.

As I said, I enjoy roleplaying, but since I can take ages to type, I decide to only join a couple at a time. I am not good at multi-tasking! I love to write and I have so many ideas, bt I find it challenging to put it into words. And I like challenges. I don't know what to be once I start my career, though I am thinking of an author, manga artist or manga writer, animator or musician, or a sound engineer.

I also like music. Not just like, but love. I got really upset when youtube had to stop England from viewing certain videos because of copyrighted material. I swear by the end of the year there would be no more videos! Playlist.com is now in this too, so I can't listen to half of my songs. I vow one day, I'll move to America, coz' it sounds amazing and loads of my friends are there. But it's not youtube's or playlist's fault but the Companies that are making them.

I really really really don't like stairs. I'm like kinda freaked out by them. I trip over stairs alot. At least I live in a bungalow, but at school it's pretty hard. I even use the lift for disabled people, I have a special key! I remember one dream in my old house which had stairs. I was swimming//floating in the air, doing breaststroke above the stairs, random much. I missed school because I'd overslept, who knew how fun it is? I don't like moldy cheese, fullstop. Honestly, people say cheese is already mouldy, but it's not completely! It's made of off milky stuff not mould! And I don't like it when people cry. It makes me cry and I don't like crying. Telephones scare me, mainly because my Mum is a phonaholic and is on it 24/7. Yes I probably I made that word up. No offense to old people with mental illnesses, but my Granddad has one and he only just remembers me and he doesn't even remember my Dad, but they frighten me. And one of them in his care home thinks that she is my Nana. She's not. She keeps on trying to touch me with her lips pursed edging closer and closer... ...SCARY!!!

Yep, frogs can tap-dance on the ceiling singing opera!

I just want to say how much I love all my friends and my gaia sister. With out them, Gaia wouldn't be the same. First to Waypou2004, he is so fun to hang out with and makes the best roleplays ever, second to my Gaia sister, Bonangrro, She is the best! *huggles* . Third to Greenfairy and BlueNin who have donated to me numerous of times. Special mention to Berly's world which without I would be completely bored and the same with Savanna at Sunset and all the locals there!! X3

I had a snowball fight with a tree... and I lost... again DX

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Cool avi

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heart Thanks for saying about my wish birthday heart

I had a great presents & had an amazing time for my birthday!

What about you?


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Aww thankiez!!!

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i thought i re posed on your earlyer comment sorry! i was saying i redescoverd gaia because i recently ripped my leg muscle and have been bedridden for some time.

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thats the thing, i recently ingured my leg pretty bad, so i re-descovered gaia

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Thanks. I like yours too. 3nodding

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hey pretty woman!
mmmm, i just ate chocolate pretzels?
YUMYUMYUM. magic mushrooms for dessert. whee

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How are you doing?

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I have been doing good and always busying a lot on my job. I live in new house on last May or June.
I love it.... And, I went to Otakon Convention. I had a blast time. smile Thanks for asking.

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Hi gaia sis,

You are welcome. smile How have you been doing? I have been doing well!
Great to hear from you again!

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hugs for you as well!