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hi i’m stari and i’m 21 yrs old
this is a poem i wrote for school (edited for tl;dr internet lenth):

I am a ball,
yellow and round,
resting in a nest of pillows,
my room is a square,
but I am a ball,
and the world is very loud.

I am a ball,
and I wake up at three,
four five six seven EIGHT,
I roll out of bed,
and bid it goodbye,
and round and round I go,
into a new day.

I am a ball,
and I love sushi,
fried rice, coffee,
tuna melt sandwiches,
burgers, fried chicken,
fries, shwarma,
I am a greedy ball.

I am a ball,
and I go for sushi,
but I order noodles instead,
I say, “Mmmm” when it comes,
in a hot styrofoam box,
with a fork and a cookie,
in a white plastic bag that crinkles.

I am a ball,
and I love rice noodles,
hot, salty, with a plume of steam,
soft, chewy, with a translucent belly,
mixed with sliced beef,
carrots, cabbage, and sesame,
a side of sweet coconut milk.

I am a ball,
a full, sleepy ball,
everything seems so difficult,
eventually we're all done,
bringing home with what seems like,
three essays, ten assignments,
and fifty paragraphs.

I am a ball,
and when I walk in the door,
I see a bunny!
The bunny is brown,
long and skinny,
with big floppy ears,
and patchy fur.

I love this bunny,
and the bunny loves me,
even though I am a ball,
and he is a bunny,
we cuddle a lot,
play some games,
create our own nest in the bed.

I am a ball,
I am round and yellow,
but more than that I am,
the luckiest ball alive,
my life is busy but I am,
surrounded by happy things,
surrounded by a happy bunny.

every day~


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So I'm guessing 10T pure is not nearly enough?

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Hiiiii, what is your HB on your gold fishing trophy? surprised

I just logged on to gaia and wondering if I even have enough to make an offer. Might need to sell something to do so.
C9 Lum

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C9 Lum


C9 Lum

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C9 Lum

come back to usss ~ emotion_0A0
Niccolo Ammaniti

Report | 02/08/2016 1:47 pm

Niccolo Ammaniti

also pls send me some. sad
Niccolo Ammaniti

Report | 02/08/2016 1:46 pm

Niccolo Ammaniti

Promotional work, so I've done stufffff forrrrrrr.... Target, Walmart, Nike, Amazon, etc. It is pretty fun o:
Niccolo Ammaniti

Report | 02/08/2016 12:47 pm

Niccolo Ammaniti

still sounds pretty good though. I want someeeee.

Ya, work is kicking my butt. sad (( You should do dis kinda work, so much free stuff. I brought home around $500 of free bbq.
Niccolo Ammaniti

Report | 02/08/2016 12:03 pm

Niccolo Ammaniti

wink redface
Happy Chinese New Years n_n <3 Whatcha been up to
Niccolo Ammaniti

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Niccolo Ammaniti

pokes ur butt
Neon Popberry

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Neon Popberry

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please come back to us!! :c

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jackalust &lt;3

i draw pictures! PM me for RLC &amp; commissions