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Like hi my loves.I am new to gaia.My name I will not share to total strangers but I will say I love meeting new people so I hope to make lots of friends.I am like a total lezzie but my awsome cuz is like the only guy I will allow on my list of super cool friends since I've lost major trust in guys other than him and been through so much because of your kind so I only accept other girls but I like don't totally hate guys so I will like give you all a chance and talk with you but one mistake and I cut you off I dont care how totally cute you may be you mess up and screw over the chance of being lucky to be on the list of the few guys I do like who could have my heart and I like apologize but is that simple.My cousin who shall remain a mystery is the nicest person I ever known and I love him very much totally because he is so trustworthy and always been there for me and I owe him so much I might even say my life,I miss him so much every single day because we live so far apart.Please be nice to him and he will be nice to you and if you be mean or hurt him I will so hunt you down,oh and I like cute things (myself included) and i have like a major sweet tooth...and that's about it so look forward to meeting you and major thanks for reading all of this. ^_^


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Mercyous Report | 05/09/2014 1:56 am
^_^ Hello, how are you? I am a guy but I wouldn't mind helping restore faith in us. I hope you are well. pm me sometime
Kyo_Kagura Report | 07/03/2013 2:06 pm
I either scramble them (the yolks dont taste gross like that.) Or hard boil them and take the yolk out xD
Oh my jam xD thanks!
Kyo_Kagura Report | 06/20/2013 11:02 pm
Lol xD i dont like the yolks razz they're gross
Kyo_Kagura Report | 06/17/2013 11:32 pm
Yeah kinda xD lol
Kyo_Kagura Report | 06/17/2013 3:02 pm
xD I put tomatoes on my salads, on my burgers, even in my scrambled eggs xD
Meldilura Report | 06/17/2013 2:57 pm
^/////^ Your outfit is adorable
Kyo_Kagura Report | 06/13/2013 2:20 pm
Tomatoes o-o
Meldilura Report | 06/13/2013 2:19 pm
^//^ 'Cause I'm embarassed ^//^
Meldilura Report | 06/05/2013 8:55 pm
redface redface redface redface redface Oh hush redface redface redface redface
Kyo_Kagura Report | 06/05/2013 8:52 pm
^_^ Well I've run out of things to say in the comments sweatdrop


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